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Review: Skye's Limits (Lost Shifters #25) by Stephani Hecht

Skye's Limits (Lost Shifters, #25)Skye's Limits (Lost Shifters #25)
by Stephani Hecht 
Published August 1st 2013 by Extasy Books
Extasy Books
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Category: mm-romance-paranormal, shape-shifters, short-read 
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Sometimes when you’re at your lowest, when you’re at your saddest, and just when you think that things can’t get any worse, along comes a hero to save the day and to win your heart away.

Skye has always lived life like it’s one big party. He makes his own rules, and consequences be damned. But one night when he takes things too far, his older brother steps in and demands he cleans up his act.

In comes Alden, known as one of the toughest trainers at the feline coalition, he takes on the job of turning Skye’s life around. The last thing the Tiger shifter expects is to find himself drawn to Skye, despite his bratty ways.

Will Alden be able to help save Skye from himself? Or will Skye self-destruct and shatter both of their lives?

Well! For once I read an angsty series that has basically no angst in it! This is great and I just totally enjoyed myself relaxing into it.

In Skye's Limits, we have Skye, that younger brother of Branson from Gage's Awakening (Lost Shifters #16). He was only 5 when his parents got massacred by the pesky crows and when Branson was blinded trying to defend his family. Unbeknownst to Branson and his mate Gage, or for that matter, anyone who knew Skye, his memory is very clear on that event and he blames himself for not having been courageous enough or strong enough to help defend the family. So, just like any troubled young men, he goes for the bottle or some bit of drugs to escape from his demons. However, its glad to know he stopped doing the drugs when someone OD'd and just stuck with the booze. Branson has no choice but to offer up some tough love and finally some sense by asking Alden to do some therapy-training.

Alden is a great guy and an even better soldier and trainor. He sees Skye and is immediately attracted but does absolutely nothing for ethical reasons. That may have been easier said than done as it appears that Skye is just as attracted. 

The two are really two peas in a pod and without much ado, stick to the principles and ethics of trainor/trainee relationship and do nothing. So yes, they definitely deserve to be together. 

Branson and Gage put their proverbial feet into their mouths and start to ruin things. They fail when both Alden and Skye stump them by mating each other in a totally angst-free manner and all is done and ironed out.

This is a welcome relief after so much angst I had to read through this series and I am all the glad for it. Sometimes, it is just great to read a fluff and enjoy it all the more especially on a cold, rainy Sunday, a cup of tea in my hands, Adele singing away in the background and all the dogs snoring loudly around my legs and feet I just managed to slip onto the sofa.

Great combination. Great read. Thanks for this Ms Hecht, it was refreshing to say the least.

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