Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Makeover

~♥ Elle ♥~ was with me today to edit my blog. We ended up changing the whole look. So yeah, we had a blog makeover today and that places the reviews slated for publishing today for later tonight or tomorrow at latest.

I got the template from a custom thingy whatever and I totally enjoyed the way it was laid out, etc. It's taken us more than four hours this afternoon alone and that is not counting how many hours we spent in the morning. 

In any case, I found out, too late! that the top navigation bar does not allow me to link the posts there. Also, if I place the Blogger navigation bar, it would go ABOVE the template nav bar. To top it off, I did manage to tweak the thing but it only led me to an Explorer mailing thing that I had no idea what to do with. So, out came the clippers and deleted the buttons except for the Home button. For those who want to go direct to the specific genre, the navigation bar is off to the left and they do work! Thank God for that!

~♥ Elle ♥~’s been a gem helping me out! Literally! Skypeing and all that just to get me to understand what a danged HTML code was. 


  1. LOL you're welcome Multi! i think i was the least capable candidate for editing HTML but i did my best to help. hahahah. it was fun trying to make sense of all the HTML gibberish. It was all greek to me too.

  2. Having just gone through this myself (or at least Hubby did) I know the work involved... it looks fab :)

  3. hahaha Thanks Elle, and thank you RJ :) It was backbreaking work and an imperfect one at that but it is all worth it. :D