Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy Week Past, Busy Week Ahead, Croissants ... and Jess Buffett

The past and coming week were and are going to be pretty busy my end. These are just one of those times where it is hard to stay still for some time on a chair so I can ead. One minute I am down relaxing, the next minute a call comes and the day gets busy again. 

Days have been spent between laughing myself silly over some of the antics staff throw my way to challenge authority, next, it is a network provider that glitches on services enough for me to tear on my hair. Sigh, these are the days when a great book is absolutely needed. 

So here I am, in front once more of my monitor, pattering away at the keyboard hoping there would be a chance to review some books finished. Yes, I was able to read some through these busy days. Interruptions aside, its great to have a Kindle filled with books I know I can rely on to take me away from the realities of life.

One thing that made me happy today was a great email from author Jess Buffett. Thank you Ms. Buffett, that was one great news to wake up to. It made my coffee all that more bitter and delicious.

Now, if only I can get some croissants? Hmmm, I guess I have to trek down once more from my perch when my work is done by Thursday and visit my favorite baker to stock up on some croissants.

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