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Review: Bonded Broken (The Thresl Chronicles #4) by Amber Kell

Bonded Broken (Thresl Chronicles #4)Bonded Broken (The Thresl Chronicles #4)
by Amber Kell
Expected publication: October 4th 2013 by Total-E-Bound Publishing
Format Available: ePub, HTML, PDF, Mobipocket(prc)
My Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Friln had always counted on his lover to be there when things go wrong. But when one brief moment of death breaks his bond with his Thresl mate, he loses the only thing in the world he needs to make him happy.

For the past ten years Friln, the king’s Captain of the Guard, has lived with and loved his Thresl mate Nelrin. When an assassination attempt catches Friln in the crossfire, he is killed. In the brief moment before he’s revived, the bond to his lover is shattered.

At Friln’s death Nelrin loses everything. Bereft of the only person he’s ever loved, Nelrin turns back into his cat form and runs away. Unfortunately he falls into the hands of a pair of scientists who have different plans than redemption for the Thresl race.

After following this chronicle, I see that there are great books and then there are the misses. For me, it was book 2 that disappointed but thankfully for all Thresl fans, author Amber Kell improved on this series considerably. However, I must state frankly that I love book #1 Soldier Mine (Thresl Chronicles, #1)   over and above the rest. That said, where Book #3 frustrated me no end for all of the issues popping up all over the place and left where they popped up, here in Bonded Broken, there is a movement to the series plot. There are still so many things left unresolved, but there is an improvement.

This particular book deals with a bond that is broken when Friln dies for a few minutes after risking his life protecting his King Mate. That was a really moving moment for the story and when Nelrin got into cat form and undergoes a questionable surgical procedure, things loooked dire for a while. This was fixed right up front and a bit fast in my opinion but thinking back, if the author had played it out longer, it would have totally ruined it for me. 

Once Nelrin gets back on track, just when things get interesting, the book ends. This was a downer. The upside is, we will get to know what happened to Saint and his search for the elusive mate. With that in mind, this book only managed to whet my appetite for more things Thresl and I am sure to look out what happens next.

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