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Review: F.A.S.T. Balls (Balls to the Wall #5) by Tara Lain

F.A.S.T. Balls (Balls To The Wall, #5)F.A.S.T. Balls (Balls to the Wall #5)
by Tara Lain
Published September 20th 2013 by Etopia Press
All Romance EBooks
Formats Available: Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

F.A.S.T. — Firefighter Assist and Search Team

Firefighter and surfing champion, Jerry Wallender, looks like a hero to the world, but he can’t see it. He keeps falling for these intellectual guys who end up making him feel dumb and unneeded. On top of that, Mick Cassidy, super-gorgeous firefighter and total homophobe, makes Jerry’s life miserable with his slurs. Then one day Mick’s nice to Jerry and, at the Firefighter’s Ball, Jerry offers a helping hand and ends up with a hand-job. What the hell is going on?

Mick Cassidy is great with fighting fires and solving math problems but rotten with people. Raised by a gay-hating preacher, Mick’s carefully constructed world of gay bashing starts to crumble when he meets Jerry, the nicest, kindest man he’s ever known. Mick’s never wanted a woman and can’t stop thinking about sex with Jerry. In fact, he can’t stop doing it. Does that make him gay? And if he’s gay, what happens to his whole life? A hook-up between sweet Jerry and mean Mick might be total disaster — or the smartest idea Jerry ever had.

I can never resist a story involving a firefighter. Given two firefighters in one book is special.  F.A.S.T. Balls is, to my naivete, the 5th! book of the Balls to the Wall Series. Okay, so there! I love firefighters and now we get a series involving three of these men, a cop too and I miss out on it? Duh duh dun to the max!

Anyways, I read the blurb and got excited and hoped this would be a great read. Turns out it was a good read, a light one, but somewhere along the way, I got a bit lost. There were other characters in this story that came from the previous books and I had no idea what to make of them. I just wish that I had read those four books ahead (which I will, in case you are wondering) before I did this one. Overall though, this was a lovely light read and I enjoyed myself, even the times when I was oblivious to some of the goings on.

So we have here a Mick guy who is a homophobe-created individual coming from a bigoted family and community populated by extraordinary bigots. Unfortunately, the way I read this and from my own Roman Catholic background, these bigots are a little idiotic! I mean, they were spouting off stuff that would make a logical individual cringe. Not only were they idiotic bigots, they were a ignoramuses! Ugh! Okay, so that explains Mick's backstory. Great thing he got his head out of the shadows and saw some light! (no pun intended). 

Then we have the out and proud Jerry, a great guy whom everybody likes despite his being gay (I hate this sentence :( ) He has had some bad news from a lover whom he thought he could marry and finds himself depressed. Imagine his surprise when Mr. Mick The Jerk Bigot comes in to comfort him. Talk about confusing picture here. 

So we get the background of their love story and it is romantic. Then it just turns fast paced that took me by surprise and I was backing up  fast going through the previous text to find out the whys and the why nots. This is where I get lost. The relationship was great, but I find myself confused most of the time. However, soon the story straightens out, thanks to a gun-totting mother of Mick whose ace in the hole was a secret never revealed. Nevertheless, it was a good story.

This is a light, light read that was enjoyable, especially Jerry's funny comments that reminded me of Keanu Reaves' role in  Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Overall a little bit choppy, I also got lost for lack of reading the first four installments, but it was an excellent choice to entertain me. I will definitely turn back now and read the other four just to satisfy my curiosity over those hunky men I read in the Epilogue.

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