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Review: Fire's Embrace (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive #6) by Scarlet Hyacinth

Fire's Embrace (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive, #6)Fire's Embrace (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive #6)
by Scarlet Hyacinth 
Published September 14th 2013 by Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
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My Rating: My Rating: (5 of 5 Stars)5

[Siren Epic Romance, ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Draechen prince Rachen Tersain is desperately in love with sprite Alwyn Cyraltin and aware they share a bond. However, he still has trouble separating his identity from that of his twin brother. Thinking he doesn’t deserve a mate, he maintains an almost platonic relationship with Alwyn.

That changes when Alwyn comes to him, revealing his greatest fears and doubts. Rachen attempts to help his mate, but a vision from his brother-in-law, Sari, throws the Tersain into chaos. Now, Rachen has to fight to prove Alwyn’s innocence in front of his loved ones.

As the sexual tension between Alwyn and Rachen increases, so does the apprehension of the imperial family. With Alwyn’s powers growing and the Tersain struggling between their affection toward Rachen and their fears of the unknown, Rachen is the only one who can find a solution. Can he give his mate the love they both need or will the fire of their passion be extinguished by Alwyn’s secrets?

Warning! Potential spoilers. Read at own risk of revelations unwanted!

I thought nothing would top or at least be at par with Warrior's Dream (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive #3) . I am sadly mistaken. Fire's Embrace not only came to equal that great book, it seems like it topped it, hence my strange rating once more.

This book was painful to read for several reasons:

First, I read this with a raging headache (coming down with the flu) and the visceral response I experienced reading the last chapter turned it into a raging migraine, complete with blood pounding and twinkling stars. So yeah, quite painful.

Second, I cried my way through this one, just like in Book 3. I should have taken precautions after being warned by the author, Scarlet Hyacinth, that I will have to prepare myself. I did not heed her warning. I ended up blubbering. No regrets though. Never regrets.

Finally, this is the second to the last book of this incredible series and I am already anticipating a great read. It is rare to run across a series with such incredible characters and a plot that is so fantastical it is incredibly wondrous. It is sad to have to let this go.

This book precedes the end of the Chronicles and it leaves us readers with questions answered but more left unsaid. There are traitorous revelations which took me by surprise to a certain degree but at the same time I feel that I should have expected these, just not in the way they played out. 

Rachen plays a huge role in this series, his last act of bravery and heroism was one of the most intense text I had read. I could compare it to the Great Sacrifice but regardless of the parallelisms, there is one major difference: we KNEW of that sacrifice. Not Rachen's. Never his. Phoenix's reaction was beyond intense and yet totally expected, it was a scene that sent my eyes to blur and blood pounding in my head. His denial of losing Rachen tore the very fabric of reality asunder and it came with a price. 

Reality, as we readers know it, is no longer that, and we are all brought back to the very beginning of this whole arc only this time, things are not the way they seemed. All reality as Phoenix and Rachen know it has been erased and replaced.  It seems the plot just got thicker and more desperate. How the draechen and their mates are going to fix this, we will have to wait until the seventh and final book is published. 

It just scares me how this will affect the happily ever afters for all these men. Will one or more have to be sacrificed to get the world back on its axis? What price do the men have to pay to get their realities back on track? 

~♥ Elle ♥~ told me this was her favorite and for once I did not believe her. Well, strike me wrong, for although I do still proclaim that book 3 was my favorite, this one comes in too close for comfort. I have to say that there were times I just wanted this book to end, I wanted to fast forward and get to the end. Unfortunately, like all great plots, missing out on one page or chapter can send the reader into oblivion of the lost kind. This is a book (actually the whole series) that no reader can just flip through. Reading it beginning to end is the only way to go through this whole experience. It is a fantastic ride that is about to end and I am in the denial stage.


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