Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Kentucky 98 Proof by K.C. Kendricks

Kentucky 98 Proof
by K.C. Kendricks
Published August 18th 2013 by Amber Allure
Amber Allure
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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Victor Carter knows his grandfather only from a handful of black and white photographs, so his surprise when the man’s will is read is genuine. What’s he going to do with seventy acres on the side of a Kentucky mountain? More importantly, how’s he going to survive living there for a year to satisfy the conditions of the will so he can sell the property? Even worse, it’s not like the hills of Kentucky are teeming with gay companionship.

Boone Mosely is Kentucky born and bred with a proud family heritage he can trace back to his home state’s founding. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Boone’s in his second term as sheriff of Four Points. He takes the job seriously and doesn’t suffer fools—or crime—in his town.

When city slicker Victor Carter arrives on Shepherd Mountain, Boone knows he’s got a whole new brand of trouble to deal with. And this time, the badge isn’t going to help him at all.

Once in a while, we readers end up with a different sort of book from the usual choice picks that we make. As readers, we have a tendency to grab on to that next book by a certain favorite author or we simply look at the blurb and say, we like this and hit BUY, and then at other times we just like the boys on the cover. For Kentucky 98 Proof, it was the title - I had just been to the local wine shop and I saw Absinthe and read that it was 98 proof so I was thinking this may have the potential for a simple story that may be hard to resist. 

Oh boy, was I right on the money!

I totally loved this light, light-read written by K.C. Kendricks. It has a very simple plot, quite formulaic in fact, it had none of the usual heavy-duty drama like our main man getting shot, or getting hit by a hit and run car, or a gay bashing incident, or heaven help me, a knifing that may cause some innards to spill over - I just read one and I won't bother to review it! So what we get is a man meets man story, sparks and electricity fly, they exchange witty exchanges, the main squeeze causes the doggy to be a turncoat, and they live happily ever after. Yes, it is that simple, and yet I was totally engrossed and was disappointed that it was quite short - I just wanted more. 

This whole romantic escapade between Vic and Boone is set in Kentucky (obviously that information is right on the title itself), more specifically Vic's cabin is set up high in the Appalachian Mountains. The season is winter and so we have this guy (Vic) who decides to go with the flow of his grandfather's will, and try to give living there a try. Of course, he never has seen a blow like that on these mountains so was quite cold the whole time this story unfolds. This is the "temperature feel" of the book. I found myself cuddling up with my five dogs sprawled around me and my legs on the sofa, Kindle on one hand, a cup of tea on the other and pumpkin-spiced candle lit on the side for "the mood." Of course, I felt cold as it was quite stormy last night, complete with howling high winds, thunder, lightning and flickering lights to add on to my real life setting - hence the lit candle just in case the unreliable power shuts down. 

...and then there was Ranger hehehehe, loved this dog! This is another character why I am glad to have read this book. The author is obviously a dog lover. The biggest drama Ranger had to go through was his to go through a Rabis booster shot and I know how that drama goes, what with having to calm down 5 furbabies once they see a needle.

To say that I immersed myself into this story is putting it mildly. So when Vic and Boone got the heat on between the sheets? Let us just say that the heat level rating of 3 of this story is totally, totally! misleading. More like a 4.

Kentucky 98 Proof is a simple story, set in a simple place (literally) and is quite irresistible for all those readers who just likes to have some bit of man on man romance with a little bit of pumpkin spice and doggy love added into the mix. 

Oh, yes. Did I say I totally enjoyed myself? Or that I want more - like an extended version in the near future?

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review Kentucky 98 Proof. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it!