Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Pride Valley Series by Lynn Hagen

Craving a Lion (Pride Valley #2)Alexi's King (Pride Valley, #1)Loving Jari (Pride Valley #3)Three Primary Works: Book 1: Alexi's King; Book 2: Craving A Lion; and Book 3: Loving Jari
My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars for all books

Running for their lives from their angry wolf pack where all gay relationships are unacceptable and punishable by death, best friends Alexi, Asher, Jari and Katron stumble into a cave in the forbidden forest. Hungry, soaked to the bone, and frightened, they wander deep into the earth. What they find shocks them.

The four friends walk through a glowing door to find themselves in a world of plush green grass and sunny skies, something they haven't witnessed in a very long time. When they get surrounded by a pride of lion shifters, they begin to wonder if walking through that door was the smartest move. 

The series follows the story for each wolf. They each find their mates which was quite common in the period of time they came from. In this new world post the time of endless rain, however, the finding of a mate is something not only considered rare, it is almost legendary for nothing of the kind had ever happened in the four thousand years. This is the period the four friends find themselves in - four thousand years into the future.

As they each find their mates, it is expected they meet obstacles along the way. Not only is the fact that they are of a different species, only the lion shifters survived the ecologic Armageddon the planet went through. Some of the changes includes nature finding its own course - the loss of the female population gave way to nature finding a way by changing the anatomy of the male and giving them the ability to give birth to sons. 

This series started out very well, with Alexi's King. Here Alexi meets with the first lion pride in this new world who turns out to be his mate. The mating gives rise to a new form of bigotry and provides fodder for a king-wanna-be in the form of Dirk, uncle to the lion king Lansing and his brother Fjord. Things get complicated when Alexi becomes pregnant and Fjord finds in Katron his own true mate and ends up pregnant as well. By the third book, Jari finds in Ewon his true mate and becomes pregnant as well. By this time, Alexi has given birth to twin daughters, an anomaly that had not been seen in thousands of years. 

Dirk, the king-wanna-be uncle, turns out to be very hard to kill. He is willy, he is devious, but he is getting desperate. We all have to await for Asher's turn to find his own mate before we find the how's and whys of things - and hopefully the death (finally!) of this Dirk fellow. This has frustrated me no end. Can't he just be killed off to get the story to develop into more interesting turf? Yes, Dirk is the antagonist but his getting away at the end of each of the three books is getting frustrating. The turn of events by the birth of daughters from two men boggles my medical background so is also seriously frustrating me.

I know, I know! This is fiction, so anything goes. I am just frustrated mostly because Dirk is still around and I don't like the men getting hurt every single time they have a nice party. Sigh, I can't wait for the fourth book. I really want to get to know Asher better as among the four friends, he is really an enigma.

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