Thursday, September 19, 2013

Review: STAT (EMS Heat #17) by Stephani Hecht

STAT (EMS Heat #17)STAT (EMS Heat #17)
by Stephani Hecht
Published by Extasy Books
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My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Wells thinks life is all work and no play, and Jaret thinks life is all one big party. When the two clash, an attraction develops that nobody saw coming.

Jaret may be a paramedic, but that doesn’t mean he lets the everyday horrors he sees keep him down. Every day is a reason to party, and he always loves to be the center of attention. When he finds out that his new partner is Wells, the stuffy medic in the company, Jaret is less than thrilled.

But the longer they work together, the more Jaret finds himself drawn to Wells. Wells, on the other hand, seems not to even notice that Jaret is there. Will Jaret be able to attract Wells’ attention? Or do opposites really distract?

Nothing like an EMS Heat book to cap an exhausting day. STAT is the newest in this series, and just like any of the books previously published, it never fails to amaze me that this continues to entertain. 

Wills is a great character. That prank he pulled on the nurse was a story I had to read out to the kids and their father. Of course doing so in the middle of lunch was not a good thing as this sent some things off where they were supposed to be at. Jaret on the other hand, he was just a quiet, shy and highly misjudged by those around him. It took Wills reading an MM story to get him out of his shell. That alone was enough to get me laughing.

Any book in the EMS Heat is a light read, and it is just one of those that does not take any one reader on the uberdramatic road, no matter how intense or dramatic the blurb may make it sound. This is just of those series that I have followed from the first time I got hooked into this genre. As it revolves around the medical community, it is obvious why I continue to follow it.

So there you go. If you want to have a good night's rest, get to dream land rested, entertained and satisfied, STAT is one to take to bed with you. 

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