Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Trust (Winterfield #6) by Edward Kendrick

Trust (Winterfield #6)
by Edward Kendrick
Published September 7th 2013 by Silver Publishing
Silver Publishing
Formats Available: Adobe (pdf), Epub, HTML (Other), Kindle (mobi), LRF, Mobipocket (prc), MS Reader (lit), Online reading (html), Rocket (rb)

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Detective Harry Snow is ordered by his captain to use Tito Fontana, Harry's ex-lover, to help bring down a drug lord.

At first Tito is unwilling to have anything to do with Harry--and the feeling is mutual.

However, since they are ultimately forced to work together, the question then becomes, will they kill each other in the process or will the embers of their past love be rekindled.

Trust opens where Hostages (Winterfield #5) closed. Literally. So even if this acts like a standalone book, it is still worthwhile to read the rest of the series to get in the loop of things. Also, if you think this is a drama waiting to happen like I did, thinking this is the type of book to take to bed with you so it can lull you to romantic dreamland, think again. I made that mistake. Instead of drifting off with a goofy smile on my face and getting a great, relaxed sleep, I ended up unwilling to put down this book. I write this now at 3 a.m., a goofy smile on my face and just wanting more out of Tito and Harry.

Harry is a cop, Tito is a contact. They have a rocky history, starting off with a volatile love affair where the two men were just deeply in love with each other and ending with Harry walking off. The reason was distrust. Apparently, Tito made an accidental commentary that tipped off a perp and the bust Harry was cooking up went - well - bust. Harry had unknowingly, or trustingly, made a comment to Tito and the latter mentioned it somewhere to someone and that was it. Harry is out the door - feeling betrayed.

Was that a logical thing to do? Maybe, maybe not. Thing is, fast forward to present days and the two are in each others' personal space once more, albeit unwillingly, and something left simmering is brought up to a boil and the two men find themselves getting tangled up - literally within the sheets and out of it. Only this time, their Trust is true, they lean on each other for support and both their lives are in big, big trouble of the fatal kind.

Those of you who love some bit of man love and some bit of action, this is the book for you. It was a fun ride reading this in bed even if it sent me to daydreamland rather than lalaland.

Okay, off to sleep now! Good morning all! whooooeee!

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