Monday, September 23, 2013

Watching, Watching, Drooling On Queen + Adam Lambert: iHeartRadio Music Festival Gig

I have been watching this gig for some time now, ever since it came out, first as snippets, then separate videos. Well finally, I get to see the whole gig without having to click on to the next video. 

I know, I know, some of you may say what am I thinking or what strange taste I have in music. I grew up with Queen, loved their music since I could say NO to my parents who insisted I only listen to classical music. This was the band that brought me to one of my all time favorite movies Highlander which OST was all written by the band. And who could forget that epic song, Who Wants To Live Forever and not cry on the death of Connor MacLeod's first wife?

So here I am, a Queen freak and a Glambert all rolled into one watching Queen + Adam Lambert: iHeartRadio Music Festival and just plain enjoying myself. 

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