Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Ghost of a Chance by Ari McKay

Ghost of a Chance
by Ari McKay
Published October 2nd 2013 by Torquere Press
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My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Dr. Mason Beaulieu thinks rival ghost hunter Haywood “Fort” Fortenberry is sexy but too credulous when it comes to the paranormal. Fort thinks Mason is attractive but too cynical. When they’re offered a chance to be locked up in reputedly haunted Wisteria Grove on Halloween night, however, both men jump at the chance.

Storms and mysterious sounds keep them busy during the night, and they discover a mutual respect for each other’s skills. As the investigation continues, Fort learns the truth behind Mason’s seemingly dismissive attitude, and Mason finds a new appreciation for Fort’s open-mindedness. But when an unexpected intruder derails the investigation, they learn that more than just hunting ghosts can offer them thrills and chills.

It's near Halloween and what better book to pick up than an MM romance set in a haunted house? This is just the right thing to do especially after getting to have to watch The Conjuring with the kids. I thought, why not extend it all the way to the books I read? However, instead of the usual romance, I went for a haunting. 

Ghost Of A Chance is a haunting read. It literally reads like the Ghost Hunters series we love to watch, its like having a not-too-scary Warren Files in your hands sans Annabelle. It has all the usual suspects of ghostly screams in the middle of the night complete with lightning and thunder reflecting a ghostly apparition. It helped set the scene when, of course, we had to have a storm last night and a cat screamed outside. Yeah, scared me good. 

This was a great light-but-scary read. Especially when reading of Miss Violet. That sent chills down my spine and my hair to stand up. The romance between the two men, Mason and Fort, was, of course, a given and the way they teased-romanced their way into each others' affections was cheesy at best, too. 

What set me to drop a star? End.

Yes, End. It was too abrupt! I really expected more out of this. I want more, like an added chapter or two. Other than that abruptness, this is a great light read - if you are one who likes to dream of haunted screams and crying ghostly images! Way to bring in the coming haunting holiday!

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