Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Hazel Takes Over (Lyon Road Vets #3) by Sue Brown

Hazel Takes Over (Lyon Road Vets #3)
by Sue Brown
Published September 22nd 2013 by Sue Brown's Stories
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

After the death of his beloved dog, Harry, Peter Mitchell refuses to consider getting a new dog. Besides which, Peter has his hands full with his partner, Dr Evan Wells. The vet is surprisingly sensitive about Peter’s feelings and doesn’t nag Peter about getting a pet. Of course, not nagging and not doing anything about it are two different things, at least in Evan’s mind.

When Peter is presented with a small red bundle of fur to hold, he realises the devious vet planned their new arrival and worse, she’s already got a name. Peter may not have a choice about their dog, but he’s going to put his foot down over her name. He should know better.

First off, I must say that when I saw this cover? I just fell for Hazel - I got the biggest grin on my face when I saw her whole adorableness and with those two men in the background? Well, let's just say that even before I got to read this book from the series I had been following, I already got that grin on and knew I would love another doggie story with some bit of man on man loving on the side.

Now, Hazel Takes Over is the third book of the Lyon Road Vets Series. I first discovered this series after spotting this unusually titled book, Bob the Destroyer of Leads (Lyon Road Vets, #2)   After that second book, I took to the first and got hooked on Sue Brown's stories about men and the dogs in their lives. 

This third installment continues the story of Peter and Ethan whom we first met in Hairy Harry's Car Seat (Lyon Road Vets, #1). It was not surprising that Ethan would go through any lengths to get another dog into Peter's life, knowing (as we dog lovers know) that we can never resist the adorable and manipulative little pests - we are just suckers for them. Of course, Peter takes one look and falls head over heels for a puppy. Pathetic! 

Hazel, a gregarious mixed breed puppy, never walks - she jumps, she bounces, she runs, she skids - but never walks. She also chews shoes and blocks any romantic moves Peter or Ethan start on each other. Does that make her less adorable? Nope, it just makes her more precious and soon, she is the true master of the house. But in her joining the family, little does she know that something is not right somewhere and she makes sure to protect those she loves most: her humans.

You may think this is all about Hazel, but really it is not. The story unfolds around Hazel and she plays witness to what's going on. This story is really about Peter and Ethan and how their life evolves after they moved in together. This is also the story where we meet Jesse and Dan, two men we meet for the first time in this series. Their lives get tangled up with Ethan and Peter and we know from here that they are going to be the next men in the fourth installment.  Both these men play an big role in this story and the drama that unfolds and it is an interesting one, albeit a bit mysterious.

Hazel Takes Over is an adorable light-read that's just fantastic to experience. Especially if you are a dog lover. If you are, you won't fail to laugh or reminisce about some of the antics written here, if you are not, well... IT'S STILL A DARNED GOOD STORY!

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