Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: The House: A Romance by Edward Kendrick

The House: A Romance
by Edward Kendrick
Published October 5th 2013 by Silver Publishing
Silver Publishing

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Recently divorced and retired, Neil buys an old home to renovate. When his neighbor, Marshall, offers a helping hand, they soon become friends. Can a shocking discovery and a sweet, meddling neighbor change everything, including Neil's growing attraction to Marshall?

Recently divorced and retired, Neil moves to a new house that needs a great deal of work to make it truly a home. When Marshall, his neighbor, offers a helping hand, a friendship develops between them.

That Marshall is gay and thinks Neil is straight could keep them just friends, despite Marshall's developing interest in Neil.

Then a shocking discovery beneath a trapdoor, and Pattie, a sweet, meddling neighbor, change everything. As they try to solve the mystery of the bones, the question becomes, can Pattie convince Neil to reveal his own growing feelings for Marshall or will he deny them and lose Marshall in the process?

Edward Kendrick's the House was just the perfect balm for fried nerves. It was light, it was easy, it was funny, and it included a cat and two dogs which never fails to amuse me. He wrote them in so well it was hard not to visualize the animals. Perfect.

The romance between Neil and Marshall (a name, not a job!) was a given thing as this is obviously an MM romance. The title though gave me pause as I was looking for a haunting in the likes of Insidious or The Conjuring. So color me delighted when I got a cozy little mystery instead and a side romance between Pattie and David. 

The story really is about The House! It tells the tale of how anyone can invest their money, time and whole persona into the creation of a home. This is a subject close to me for the moment as my family and I are knee deep in the midst of having our second house built and the decorating. It was quite interesting to see how an individual gives their all into a structure. Not surprising is that this personal investment on Neil's part is the basis for the little bit of drama that unfolded. Fortunately, this was a light read in both drama and angst so that bit of anxiety was quickly resolved and the romance went on.

Highly entertaining light read. Just the perfect balm for my fried nerves. Thank you Edward Kendrick for not making this into a haunted story in disguise as it is now near Halloween!

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