Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek by R. Cooper

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek
by R. Cooper
Published October 9th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: .epub, .mobi, html, pdf

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Former soldier Octavio “Tavio” Reyes works as a barista, a favorite with the customers—especially Tommy O’Shaughnessy. An avowed geek, Tommy comes in daily to flirt, usually under the guise of Trekkie talk. Tavio hesitates; now that he's out of the army, he’s not sure how out he should be, or whether to take his chances on a geek devoted to sci-fi and comic books. But when Tommy compares him to an unemotional Vulcan, Tavio finally considers dating an out-and-proud nerd. Then Tommy surprises him again and introduces him to his daughter, whom Tommy loves even more than Star Trek or Tavio. Now Tavio has a whole new decision to make: Is he ready to romance a family man?

My one comment is that you have to be a Trekky to appreciate what is going on here. And oh yes, a fan of coffee! So that is two things what this book is all about.

This was a humorous read. Being a Trekky myself, but cannot speak Klingon, I was engrossed with some of the ramblings of Tommy. This man is a nervous wreck when around Tavio who is described as a strong and silent type. He is strong, silent and dangerous in my opinion and only let this last bit slip a tad once or twice. 

This is not your typical MM romance novel either. It just tells the tale of how one man builds up the courage to ask another guy out. Everyone in the coffee shop knows Tommy is in over his head but he perseveres - VERBALLY! Tavio on the other hand, is quiet and just lets his observations go on hyper drive when Tommy is around and after one year of listening and observing, he got the who and what of the guy. The one date they had was kind of funny too as it was set in the middle of Tommy's daughter's baseball game that was a riot by itself.

If the romance between Tommy and Tavio were mostly all talk, there was another main character here: the coffee! Oh wow! R. Cooper just made me crave for more coffee and I did succumb to the temptation despite my daughter glaring at me for having had more than the usual 5 cups a day. So I went up to 7! Sue me! It was just too much to resist what with all those cremas and aromas getting described to the point of caffeinegasm. 

If you are a Trekky and a coffee addict like me? Try this for take out and get to enjoy a nice cup of laughter and coffee!

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