Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Rumpling Riley (Zero, Ohio #1) by Virginia Nelson

Rumpling Riley (Zero, Ohio #1)
by Virginia Nelson
Published August 22nd 2013 by Decadent Publishing

My Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Riley Gold likes things neat. He appreciates order, organization. Sure, he wants to find love but he sticks to the kitchen, loving his life as a chef, where he can carefully measure, time, and control every situation.

Basil Culver grew up alone. An orphan, he got bounced from home to home and learned at a young age to keep people at a distance. Attachment meant eventual agony—when the person unfailingly abandoned him. Better to live every moment, allow for the chaos of the universe, and keep rolling.

When these opposites clash, sparks fly. Can Basil manage to rumple Riley’s carefully tucked sheets?

I would call Rumpling Riley a book with a whole lot of potential. It came out okay by the end of the read, it was entertaining, there were the usual romance, drama, angst and a bit of mystery on the side. The word that comes to mind is "okay" meaning, yes, it was an okay read, but it could have gone further.

Take for example Riley's phobias. I had a bit of a hard time with this one. His type of phobia was described as something paralyzing so imagine my surprise when things went up to speed and boom! we get some bit of man on man loving which was at the center of the phobia's focus. This left me with a whole lot of questions that won't fit in this one page. 

What about Basil's phobias or problems of the limp kind? How was he able to get over these? These types of problems are not something that can be dealt with speedily. Yes, there was the mention of therapy but it was too vague to make an impact. Again, many questions came up and no way to fit them in.

Finally, how on earth did they go from being friends to lovers to husbands at the turn of the page? This is where I am really having some trouble with. I had to check the publisher again on the number of pages just to make sure.

As I said before, this story had a lot of potential and am sorry to say the author missed out on it - and this is the big surprise really. I have seen and read some of this author's works and have enjoyed them. This came out rushed, too rushed and it could have been made better with an added chapter or two to round it out. 

All things aside, now I am curious as to who is moving in next door. So I will keep track of this series and hope the next installments would be less rushed and a bit more complex than this one.

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