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Review: Sin: An Erotic Collection of Novellas by Jess Michaels

Sin: An Erotic Collection of Novellas
by Jess Michaels
Published September 7th 2009 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Bestselling author Jess Michaels tells three erotic stories of seduction in this compilation of her popular "Sin" series of novellas.

Wager of Sin

Scandalous widow Bianca Clairmonte has spent the last year of her life running through a string of lovers and losing at card games in the hells to her late husband's best friend, Lucius "Hawk" Hawkins. But when her loving, but disapproving father threatens to have her declared unfit to force her home and back into a staid existence, she realizes she'll need her lost fortune back to flee the country. She proposes a wager to Hawk. Spend a month in her bed and if he ends up begging for more, she wins her money back. But Hawk wants more than a month, and he'll take Bianca to her breaking point in order to win her love, as well as her body.

The Sweetest Sin

When their secret marriage was illegally annulled five years before, Landon Hawkins swore he would never love again and that he would never forgive Juliana Russell for her utter betrayal. But now she has turned to him, requesting that he help her recover her missing sister and the lust and pain he has hidden all this time come rushing back. He strikes a dangerous bargain with her. he'll search for her sister during the day, but at night Juliana belongs to him in every way. But Landon may not be able to purge his desire for Juliana as easily as he thinks. Not when the fire of the love they once shared begins to be rekindled with every touch.

Sin's Mistress

Raphael Sinclair is the most debauched of rakes and rogues. When he wants something he takes it, whether it be revenge or a woman. And now he wants both. Evelyn Greville's father is Sin's worst enemy. And what better way to purge a stunning desire for the innocent miss and ruin her father than to have her in every wicked way his clever mind can imagine. But Evelyn is not as innocent as she seems... and he may be the one conquered by Sin's Mistress.

Sin for me reads more like a novel rather than a collection of novellas so I'll review it as a whole.

It starts off with Bianca and Hawk, the connection between them being her late husband, also Hawk's best friend. Her husband Oscar was a real ass, introducing his virgin wife to all sorts of depraved sexual acts while keeping his best friend away from her because he sensed a true attraction between the two of them. Despite him, they still became good friends and platonic partners in crime.

The sexual relationship develops about a year after his death when Bianca proposes her outrageous bet in order to win back money she lost to Hawk while gambling. Hawk proves himself a worthy adversary, mostly because he has wanted her since they first met. Bianca, on the other hand, I wanted to strangle because her freedom was more important to her than Hawk. Needless to say, they overcome their differences and end up marrying each other.

I like Bianca's character better in the second part, The Sweetest Sin. It seemed that she and Hawk were a lot more alive there, although it focused on Hawk's older brother Landon and his secret wife, Julianna. This story I liked a lot more than the first because the hurt between them was a lot more believable. I love the way Jess Michaels handled the two main characters in this story!

Landon is typical male in his view of Juliana's "betrayal" while poor Juliana acts as expected of an abused child and woman. Thankfully Landon sees his errors before his wife is completely broken.

In my opinion, the steamiest part was saved for last. Sin is the ultimate bad guy, planning the destruction of the man who played a big part in the death of his father by intending to hurt him in the way he thought would be most painful - by forcing him to sign over his youngest daughter (and Juliana's sister) for ten days of seduction. The plan backfires though. The girls' father couldn't care less and Evelyn herself was very happy to find out that Sin was the man who wanted to ruin her!

Apparently Evelyn had been writing erotica for a very long time, all with Sin in the starring role. She intends to make these ten days the most memorable of her life, which is really disconcerting for Sin! This acceptance of her predicament and the resolution to make the best of what she has makes her the strongest character of all. I think this is what makes Sin see there is more to her than he first thought and change his mind on his plan for revenge.

This is a novel that I have read (and re-read multiple times) and totally enjoyed! I love it when a family comes together.

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