Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Snow Cat by Edward Kendrick

Snow Cat
by Edward Kendrick
Published August 24th 2013 by Silver Publishing
Silver Publishing
Formats Available: Adobe (pdf), Epub, HTML (Other), Kindle (mobi), LRF, Mobipocket (prc), MS Reader (lit), Online reading (html), Rocket (rb) 

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Artist Wynn McGuire has a problem. An enemy wants him dead.

Sheriff Mick Greene also has problems. Helping Wynn survive and finding the elusive 'Snow Cat' that is prowling outside his small mountain town.

Wynn and Mick have another problem as well--their growing interest in each other. When Wynn disappears, Mick is certain he's either dead or has gone back to where he'd come from. Then he discovers the truth about Wynn, just days before Wynn comes back into his life. Will this truth, plus Mick's ex-lover and another man seeking to kill Wynn, force them apart? Or can they surmount the obstacles and learn that love, indeed, conquers all.

Where to begin? I saw a lot of conflicting reviews for Snow Cat and not one seems to agree on a specific rightness or wrongness regarding the plot, the scenes or the romantic aspect between Mick and Wynn. Never to be swayed, I decided to open this book and read.

I had FUN reading this book. It was just the right recipe for a great light read: it had romance, it had some bit of erotica that did not border on the improbable or impossible or worse, fantastical, it had a story line that developed and morphed into something else and finally, it left me smiling and with a good feeling.

Snow Cat is one of those different books written by Edward Kendrick. In fact, its formula is very, very different from those that I had read so far. This one does not have the usual man meets man, romance blooms, have lots of between-sheets tango, drama due to some weird angst, and the final Happily Ever After. There is none of the mine! either. Instead, we have a three part book that takes its own sweet time telling its story of how Mick met Wynn. Along the way, readers see how the two men's relationship develops and morphs into something more meaningful. Nothing in this tale is rushed. It starts off with one plot that gets resolved, then it continues on to a sequel plot that also gets resolved, and finally, the plot of that solidifies the relationship which ultimately resolves the whole story. The biggest difference here is, instead of our usual HEA or HFN ending, we have a CEA (Contentedly Ever After). That difference is what made me love this story.

I love my happy endings, I like my happily for now endings, but the CEA? I have never encountered this type of ending before and honestly? this one sounds more real. This is what turned my head when reading this story. For a paranormal bordering on the fantasy novel, this is a take on a romantic ending which made the huge difference for me. 

I like reading Edward Kendrick books and stories. He never stays true to the usual formula and that keeps my curious meter delightedly continue to ping ping ping ping......

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