Thursday, November 21, 2013

ARC Review: Blame It On The Mistletoe by Eli Easton

Blame It On The Mistletoe
by Eli Easton
A Christmas novella
Published November 17th 2013 by Eli Easton
Formats Available: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

When physics grad student Fielding Monroe and skirt-chaser and football player Mick Colman become college housemates, they’re both in for a whole new education. Mick looks out for the absent-minded genius, and he helps Fielding clean up his appearance and discover all the silly pleasures his strict upbringing as a child prodigy denied him. They become best friends.

It’s all well and good until they run into a cheerleader who calls Mick the ‘best kisser on campus.’ Fielding has never been kissed, and he decides Mick and only Mick can teach him how it’s done. After all, the physics department’s Christmas party is coming up with its dreaded mistletoe. Fielding wants to impress his peers and look cool for once in his life. The thing about Fielding is, once he locks onto an idea, it’s almost impossible to get him to change his mind. And he just doesn't understand why his straight best friend would have a problem providing a little demonstration.

Mick knows kissing is a dangerous game. If he gives in, it would take a miracle for the thing not to turn into a disaster. Then again, if the kissing lessons get out of hand they can always blame it on the mistletoe.

Blame It On The Mistletoe is a title that can immediately  get any reader to recall every single type of experience related to kissing under that blasted leaf. Oh yeah, this was one book I wanted to read the minute I saw that geeky guy on the cover. So did the contents live up to the premise of blurb and cover? 

Reading this story was an experience of laughter and giggles as well a bit of getting uncomfortable recalling that first kiss we all had to experience. I could not believe how I laughed and giggled my way through this, prompting my daughter to ask how I was. When I told her about this, she said, "Oh, mom. You are defo shipping them." 

Now I do know some slang but for a minute there I got stumped. Then it hit me: yes! Definitely I was 'shipping' Mick and Fielding. 

These two men were literal opposites and yet they were perfect for each other. Fielding's interesting, nerdy and geeky approach to learning how to kiss was both ridiculous and hilarious all at once. Mick's reluctance was a given, he is straight after all. Right? Well, after that kiss? Let's just say that Mick walked crooked for a while and so was Fielding. 

The whole story is very light hearted and there was almost no drama or even angst to speak of. Sure, there is the usual conflict, self-doubts and fears, but the approach to these was very light. For me, this was the best part. If it had swayed to the side of uber-drama, I would have dropped this. Instead, I got hooked on these two and giggle fits for 'shipping' them went on hyperdrive.

Eli Easton's approach to a little bit of Christmas loving was fun to read. I got hooked on the story and could not keep that goofy smile off my face. So for those out there who want to read something lighthearted for once and have great fun doing it, Blame It On The Mistletoe is the perfect book. Loved it!

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