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Review: Cleanse (The Chronicles of Old Town #2) by Etienne

Cleanse (The Chronicles of Old Town #2)

by Etienne
Published October 16th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

The Ivory Solution: Volume Two
The Chronicles of Old Town 

An arrest in Florida leads to the exposure of another plot by supremacists, and the FBI invites award-winning investigative reporter Clint Buchalla to interview as many suspects as are willing to talk. It’s not his first time working on a controversial article for his newspaper, the Washington Ledger.

At their home together, Clint and his lover, Lucien Cormier, meet their new neighbors: a divorced woman and her two sons. One of the sons seems terribly troubled, and the woman’s situation prompts Clint to search public records for information. Ultimately, he finds a trail that leads him to another pedophile priest—and thus a series of articles exposing him and the church’s complicity in covering up his crimes.

Meanwhile, Lucien hears from the lawyer who serves as trustee of his education fund and learns that because he was thrifty enough with his education funds to leave him money to spare, he will come into additional money on his twenty-fifth birthday… a windfall that could allow him to realize his dream of opening a Cajun restaurant.

It takes a unique individual to smell a story even before any scent of it gets perceptible. Clint is an investigative journalist bar none and has proven his worth over and over again. In what just started out as plain curiosity on his part, he stumbles into another dreaded story of pedophilia - this time involving a Roman Catholic priest. His investigations soon lead him to an evil history that had been hushed, covered up and made forgotten. It is his sheer determination to uncover the truth that leads him to his witnesses and the story that rocked several states.

However, in true form of The Ivory Solution mystery, this obvious crime is just the tip of a massive conspiracy involving the white supremacist movement. In Scourge: The Chronicles Of Old Town #1, this mystery was only hinted at. Here in Cleanse, we see that the plot thickens and the web of intrigue and deceit covers something more heinous.

We are beginning to see more of the unknown billionaire character and his son. All readers know is that this unnamed individual is the head honcho of the Ivory Solution, that sinister plot to cull the minority races. Introduced in Scourge, we get to see what the main and sub-characters cannot: this Spectre-like nemesis has got his plans on track and is highly confident that even should they fall, they still win and succeed. This is a truly chilling thought.

Cleanse is the second book to the Ivory Solution. This is the story of Clint Buchalla and his partner Lucien Cormier each doing their own thing as professionals. We see a deeper relationship developing between them and their romance is going strong. However, Cleanse is a true mystery and details the investigative process as well as the legalese involved. There are many things some readers may be uncomfortable with, like the detailed evils of a pedophile priest and the Church's rush to hush the tale. This topic may not be for the more sensitive, but it is truth unvarnished and really, anyone has just to open the newspapers, or watch television to get the more horrific details of these crimes left unpunished.

As this mystery unfolds, the readers are left without doubt that Clint, Lucien, the local authorities and the FBI are not within our loop. We readers know things they wish they did. What lies in store for us in book three is an even bigger mystery. What we do know is that Lucien will finally get to realize his dream for a Cajun restaurant, that Clint will fall into the sinister plot and tell the tale, and that book about David and Paul will finally get published. But for the Ivory Solution itself?

I can wait a little longer for the third installment, I really am quite curious about one teeny, tiny, detail: what is the recipe for Grandmère’s Treats?

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