Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Taken (Stranded #2) by Andrew Grey

Taken (Stranded #2)
by Andrew Grey
Published October 28th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: .epub, .mobi, html, pdf, Paperback

My Rating: (5 of 5 Stars)5

On the day he and Roman Capanelli were to be married, Malik Stevens wakes up in a small room with very little light. Time must be passing, because a door opens from time to time and food is left for him—that’s his only connection to the outside world. Roman is a choreographer on Broadway, and he’s waiting for Malik at the park with all their friends, ready to start their marriage ceremony. When Malik doesn’t show up, Roman is nearly heartbroken thinking he’s been left at the altar. But soon he understands that Malik hasn’t stood him up, he’s been taken.

Desperate and determined, Roman begins searching for clues to aid the police. Then, when Malik escapes, the couple continues the search until they ferret out the culprit, and in the process open up a box of secrets. An orphan who grew up in a foster home, Malik knows his father was a serial killer and his mother died of grief and shame after his father was convicted. Now it seems some of his parents’ skeletons still hang in the family closet. But was Malik’s kidnapping meant to uncover those secrets or to hide them forever?

I remember reading Stranded and I could not wrap my head around it. The writer is one of my favorites, Andrew Grey, and yet, suddenly, he just changed his writing style. It was still his in an obvious way but there was an edgy change that was better. The work was grittier, tougher.

Then he releases Taken.

Okay, so yes, I have a soft spot for this author, but come on! I don't know what has gotten  into him, but he just upped his writing and gave us a tougher, more erotic, hotter, suspenseful and thrilling book than that first one. 

Reading through Malik's kidnapping experience, through Roman's desperate hunt for his partner, the escape scene, the bombing! I could just go on and on but it was all the same thing: the thrill and suspense was so tangible I caught myself biting my nails. Don't get me started on the hot scenes between these two men! 

H.O.T. (**fanningmyfacefrantically**) 

The story winds down to the race for the kidnapper and when the cards are revealed, it was totally unexpected that even Malik thought it was unexpected. With that reason, it was no wonder the poor guy got Taken. This part was realistic in a fictional and yet real way. (I am sleepy, forgive me.) The ending was just a bit cheesy, but I loved the cheesiness for it was totally fitting and deserved by Malik and Roman.

Andrew Grey has literally upped his work style with Taken. I never thought it would be this amazing, thrilling, erotic book. Slash that, I do expect it from him, he just went further with this one. That should explain my rating. 

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