Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reminiscing On That First MM Book I Read: And Call Me in the Morning by Willa Okati

I was reading the next book to review just now and my daughter sits and stares at me for a few minutes before she braves disturbing me and asks, "Mommy? What was the title of the book that made you turn to the MM genre?"

I got stumped. It took me a few minutes to run through the hundreds of thousands of books I had read through the years in my mind and could not figure out which it was that made me turn to this genre. It had to take going through my files of books I had collected through the years and lo and behold, I found and confirmed that there was this one particular book that had the earliest date and time stamped. One of my all time favorites, in fact. Such a favorite I had read it countless times.

And Call Me in the Morning

by Willa Okati

Genre: LGBT Erotic Contemporary

Take two, and call me in the morning.

Eli and Zane. Colleagues at work and close friends, though on the surface it's an unexpected friendship between an odd couple. While Zane took the "high school to college to med school" track, medicine is Eli's second career and the best choice he ever made. He has work that he loves, an extended second family of colleagues and friends, and Zane.
So why does everyone make such a big deal about the pair of them?
Yes, they spend a lot of time together. It doesn't mean they're a real couple. When teased about it one too many times by their colleagues, Zane challenges Eli to set the record straight with a kiss to prove there's absolutely no chemistry between them.
Neither expected a spark to ignite between them. More than a spark. Desire. Passion.
Zane wants to try getting up close and personal again to see if it was a one-time fluke or something more. Eli thinks he's too old to jump the fence now, but he can't say no to Zane and he doesn't want to.
Truth be told, Eli's not so sure they can set the record straight after all.

I am not going to review this. I don't need to. All I know is that I loved this book so much that it turned me into an out and out fan of the MM genre. One of the things that caught my attention was, you got it! Both were doctors!

I am a total wuss when it comes to doctors and if I read a blurb where one or both MCs are doctors, I just surrender. I fell in love with one in real life. I saw him way back in grade school and had had a crush on him for the longest time. My friends were teasing me back then for he was older and in the honor's class in a private school for boys. Well, it took more years to mention but let's just say that when we met once more, the zing sparked and I told my best friend: "That is the man I am going to marry." That was more than sixteen years ago. I had known him since Grade 5.

In a way, Eli and Zane are much the same. They had known each other for so long, got so used to one another they took each other for granted. But I was not blind like they. I knew what and who I wanted. It had to take a  dare to get them together.

What stayed with me was the difference in the way the romance was written. And it is such a spectacular romance. I can honestly say I had read more books I could count, but only a few really stay with me. And Call Me In The Morning by Willa Okati is one romance - a gay-for-you romance to boot - that has stayed with me since I first saw the cover. Read it. Savored it. Loved it.

I told all this to my daughter. Of course, I told her, since then I had developed more favorites, and one or two in particular. 

Let's just say she did not expect me to relate to her the story of my romance with  her dad and the MM genre.

She just looked at me wide-eyed and said, "Jeez mommy. I just wanted a title."

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