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Review: Flawless Design (Lost Angels, #2) by Alina Popescu

Flawless Design (Lost Angels, #2)
by Alina Popescu
Published December 24th 2013 by Smashwords, Amazon
Formats Available: epub, pdf, mobi

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

After killing his former lover and the woman he loved, angel Shamsiel is stuck on Earth. While struggling to get back to what he considers the right path of an ascended being, Shamsiel meets Blake, a male pole dancer and a daimon that feeds on everything the angel runs away from: lust, desire, physical love. Blake will challenge him to face his deepest fears and reevaluate his ideas on love, purity, and divine grace.

Before reading the review, let me just say that I am one happy and proud friend to this lady. Yes, there! I have admitted the ultimate sin: she is my friend. But this will never spare her from me, as an MM genre reviewer. Her fault she never let me on to her secret of publishing this. I had to discover this all by myself!

Flawless Design is the second book to the Lost Angels Series. Both these book tell the story of angels, one of which was killed by Shamsiel in book one. You see, Ramiel, his brother, his lover, his friend, fell in love with a human woman, and Shamsiel got a bit peeved and ended up killing both. This is enough to lead Shamsiel to hate himself, be depressed and casting himself out of Paradise. He holes himself down on earth. And meets a pole dancer.

Blake is not what he appears to be. The angel knew this man was sexy as heck, graceful on the pole, sets his body on fire, and is not human. It takes him some time to figure out that Blake is part daimon, part Muse and Shamsiel just freaks out. Finding out what Shamsiel did to Ramiel and Alma freaked Blake out. 

And so the drama begins.

I found Shamsiel to be a bit of a brat and Blake a bit of a flake at first. However, as I continued to read, I started to understand who their characters were. It was also quite a surprise that in such a few words, this character development evolved beautifully and revealed who these men really were behind their personas. I did not expect this.

One has to wonder, how the author managed create such a complete story in just 35 pages. The required elements of erotica, drama, romance and angst are all present and accounted for but it did not read rushed. This is the same reaction I had when reading the first book, Pure Love of the Fallen.

Flawless Design is a beautiful short story. However, unlike other free reads and short stories, this left me very satisfied; happy that I got the closure for Shamsiel as well as the HEA ending for both my men. 

Thank you, Alina. This was a beautiful Christmas present.

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  1. Umm, I am really trying to get a hold of my emotions right now, but it's freaking impossible! Thank you so much for a. becoming my friend, b. reading my short stories, and c. going out of your way and writing this review. I feel on top of the world right now!