Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review: Unexpected Dad: Gay Romance by Trina Solet

Unexpected Dad: Gay Romance

by Trina Solet
Published November 27th 2013
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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

One day Tyler comes home to find a big surprise waiting on his doorstep. Ready or not, Tyler is a dad. 
Tyler didn't know he had a daughter until she suddenly dropped into his life. Whether he is ready for her or not, little Julie needs a father. Or maybe she needs two. Tyler and Jake have been best friends, inseparable since college. Now they have to adjust to Tyler's new role as a dad. As Jake helps him cope with being a new father to a little girl, Tyler might be looking at two big changes in his life.

I really did not expect anything much out of this one. I was thinking this was just another book about two men and a child. What I got was totally unexpected. I don't really think rating this a 4 was possible, but it is impossible.

I giggled my way through this book. It was fun, fast paced, filled with ridiculous ideas out of the mouths of babes, out of queens and immature men. Instead of getting irritated, I was totally enchanted. There were so many ridiculous things going on here that it was no surprise we got a happily ever after ending.

Have you ever seen a movie or read a book which was so over the top and ridiculous within a mindless plot and yet came out laughing and just plain had a good time? Unexpected Dad is one. I was happy reading this and I came out smiling and giggling at the very end.

Lighthearted, ridiculous, sappy and yet not sappy. Just a plain enjoyable light read with the requisite HEA.


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