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ARC Review: Foxe Fire (Skyler Foxe Mystery, #4) by Haley Walsh

Foxe Fire (Skyler Foxe Mystery, #4)

by Haley Walsh

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Can out-and-proud high school teacher Skyler Foxe find the Redlands firebug before he falls prey to a killer?

High school English teacher Skyler Foxe is now out and proud, even though a few months ago he had no intention of being so. But since the cat is now out of the bag, he embraces it as well as his boyfriend, head football coach, Keith Fletcher. But who is that good-looking gay parent hanging around Keith, causing mischief at the school as well as in Skyler's private life? And then someone from Skyler's past returns, stirring up trouble. Add to that a firebug and suddenly everyone seems up to no good, especially when a smoldering corpse is found outside of the local gay bar. Skyler can't help himself and he gets up to his old sleuthing tricks once more.

Before the review, let me just say that I have never read any of the Skyler Foxe Mysteries. Imagine my surprise when I found myself taking this chance to read the fourth and loving it.

I found myself totally enjoying this read. Not once did I get lost in the characters involved, in the story and time line and in the plot. I got myself dragged into the posse that was the SFC and got so miffed with Keith. I really wanted to ask Skyler why he was still with that one. I never knew who these people were and I still got sucked in deep.

Reading a book from the fourth installment and not having a background on any of the three previous ones was a dangerous move on my part. My excuse was that I was so enchanted with the blurb I just wanted to take the chance. I thought if I got lost along the way, I could just go back to the other three. Well, my fears were unfounded. Written the way this one is, any reader coming in to the series at this point will never get lost, whether it concerns the other characters or the plot itself. 

In Foxe Fire, Skyler Foxe gets into some pretty big trouble on the personal side of things as well as on the mysterious side. 

Let's start with the mystery. Somehow, this guy is like a mystery magnet, finding himself dragged into arsons, stalkings and murders. These events are supposedly unrelated and yet they seemed to be and yet not - it was confusing but so much fun. I loved the way the whole thing meshed together and I loved getting involved with the investigation a la Skyler+SFC Posse. When the mystery is finally solved, I was just glad Skyler and his gang survived that experience. 

Now for the romantic side? Keith reminded me so much of someone I personally disliked and I nearly lost it when he started showing the same traits. This almost ruined the book for me, but I calmed down eventually when Keith redeemed himself. I was pacified. Somewhat. I wanted him to prove himself and I am glad to say that he did. I hope he does not pull this stunt in the next installment. He'd better not! The anger Skyler showed Keith at this behavior was just hinted at but it did show us readers that this man will survive and continue to survive with or without Keith. Well, it would be sad if it were without Keith, but he will. Good for Keith he saw the error of his ways and will behave from now on. I think Keith will lose out more should he let go of Skyler. He would be stupid to. 

I wonder what happens in the next book?

Overall, I loved Foxe Fire. Now I know, I will have to hunt down the previous installments and get the real stories behind this one. 

I have to laud author Haley Walsh. Not once did I get lost on the back stories. I jumped in and just enjoyed the whole thing and was not left wanting. This is rare, and quite an ability as an author.

**Review based on an eARC sent by author.

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