Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: The Guy From Glamour by Skylar M. Cates

The Guy From Glamour
by Skylar M. Cates
Published January 10th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: mobi, epub, pdf, zip/html, Paperback

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Anthony Carrino loves his big, gregarious Italian-American family, even if his sisters are interfering, and his dad, the local sheriff, knows everything going on in town. He’s happy as a middle school guidance counselor. Despite helping kids and their parents fix their problems, Anthony can’t manage to get his own love life right. If only everyone would stop calling him the “nice” guy. 

Dean Pierce doesn’t do relationships. A tough-minded military man, he is dedicated to his job as a Night Stalker, flying Chinook helicopters and not speaking much to anybody. He certainly doesn’t want to deal with a mess of emotions. But when tragedy strikes, Dean finds his hands full with his troubled niece, her irresistible guidance counselor, and a meddlesome family, which includes a rather large puppy.

The Guy From Glamour is one of those stories where all the reader has to do is sit back, relax and just plain have a good, light, enjoyable read. No worries. No angst. No drama. Just plain and simple enjoyment. 

We have here a simple story where elite pilot Dean Pierce, a quiet, man of few words and more action man, is suddenly thrust into a world he strove hard to avoid. He is one who was singed by bad relationships and promises never kept and so he avoids just those by keeping things into himself all by his lonesome. When he receives word of a tragedy, he has no choice but goes out to extend whatever help he can give to a niece he never met. Nicki. His dead sister's daughter.

Comes in Anthony Carrino. Guidance counselor and son of the temporary foster parents of Nicki. He loves to help people and is good at it. When he first meets Dean, he is torn between wanting to help and wanting to kiss the man. 

Dean sees Anthony for the first time when he comes to meet his niece for the first time. Before he knew it, he trusted the man, relied on his every word, and just wanted to be close to him. But he needed to put things in perspective: he needed to do something about his niece. He finds himself torn between his career and his fledgling family life.

As plots go, this was very simple indeed. The relationship that developed between the two men was taken slow and easy with eyes wide open. The relationship developing between uncle and niece was slow going but getting more solid each day. The decisions they each make made up for some drama but did not go too much on it and basically, the romance as well as the family life flourished. We have the basic HEA here as well so no worries. 

So why did I rate this a 5 Stars? 

Although this is far from a perfect novel, I can not but help feel like I was on a strawberry swing while reading this. The plot kept on moving, the romance developing was straight and clear, and I just ended up with a perfect afternoon. That is the reason why.

For those of you who would like to somehow experience that perfect afternoon of relaxation, The Guy From Glamour is just the right book for you.

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