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Review: MissRebel Nights (Book 1, Cursed Existence Collection) by R.L. Rushing

MissRebel Nights
MissRebel Nights (Book 1, Cursed Existence Collection)

R. L. Rushing
ebook, 242 pages
Published December 1st 2013/Self-Published

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Rebekah Taylor, known by her friends as Rebel, has been plagued by vivid apocalyptic nightmares her whole life. It wasn't until the ultimate betrayal of a family member that she realized the visions held much more importance than she could ever have imagined. Kittens and rainbows have no place amid the gritty, chaotic premonitions, nor the abusive situation from which she now flees.

Finding herself on the run from not only a madman she knows, but also an elusive psychopath who intends to use her abilities to fulfill his potentially world decimating objective, she leans on the supportive shoulder of a childhood friend and one true love, Dalton Fletcher. Quite dramatically, they discover that she is not alone in the world of extraordinary talents. Others exist who also play an integral role in the maniacal grand scheme. Along with the help of others who share her curse, she and Dalton set out on a path for answers to the never ending list of questions with which they've all been plagued. It will take them working as a team to escape certain extinction of a large majority of the human population as well as the possibility of being ruled by a murderous, self appointed dictator. What does the world look like on the opposite side of the devil's reign? Does anyone actually survive?

I must admit, I started reading MissRebel Nights with trepidation. The blurb did sound interesting but I had met many a dystopian novel that didn't live up to expectations and created a world more disturbing or demented than thought provoking.

In all honesty, MissRebel Nights started out a little slowly and a bit confusingly. In retrospect, I wonder if it was written that way on purpose. Rebel really didn't know what was going on with her life at that point and the first chapter was so random, it reflected that perfectly. But, the story picked up afterwards and got a lot more clearer when Dalton was introduced.

To my surprise, I found it hard to put down! Once it becomes clear why they're being watched and chased, you're drawn into a world that is slowly collapsing on itself and just waiting to hit the fan.

I really like the fact that R. L. Rushing explores a culture that isn't very popular with modern writers. The Navajo people have so many stories and rituals about the earth renewing itself and the return of gifted people to help it afterward that it's surprising (to me, anyway) not many dystopian novels make use of it. Here, it's woven in perfectly and described in such a way that you almost don't want the characters to leave.

Then there are the strange weather disturbances we're in right at this moment. With all the conspiracy theories about why they're happening - from the oldest endtimes predictions to global warming/cooling to First World governments experimenting with weather control - including them in the storyline gave it that sense of realism while at the same time making you wonder how much of what is going on outside is really a freak of nature. Plays with your mind. Nice.

The only point I can't quite reconcile is how quickly Dalton recovers from anything! No way can this guy be "normal". He must have super powers of his own, especially after he was used as a filter and transference occurred with others. Not saying any more since I don't want to spoil it, but really. Either he got them during that process or he already had them in the first place. I hope this is explained in Book 4!

Which goes to say that I am looking forward to reading the entire Cursed Existence Collection when publication time rolls around. I have to know more!

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