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Review: Sparks & Drops (The Wheel Mysteries #1) by Susan Laine

Sparks & Drops (The Wheel Mysteries #1)
by Susan Laine
Published November 20th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press 
Formats Available: mobi, epub, pdf zip/html

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

The Wheel Mysteries: Book One

Magic is in the air when Gus Goodwin, a pagan shopkeeper and owner of the Four Corners’ occult shop, meets a Niall Valentine, a mysterious PI investigating the disappearance of a local witch named Joy. What starts out as harmless flirting and information gathering soon turns into a partnership, with both men determined to solve the case.

Then bodies begin to pile up. Someone is using fire and water to kill witches associated with Joy, and it is up to Niall and Gus to find out what’s going on. But when their friendship blossoms into something else, the unknown dangers looming ahead become even more frightening. If they can’t solve the murders soon, they’re going to get themselves killed.

I love reading books where not only do I get entertained, I also get to learn quite a few things I never thought I would learn. Sparks & Drops managed to do both and I truly enjoyed myself.

The first book of The Wheel Mysteries, this is the story of sleuth Niall who finds himself immersed within the Wiccan community after he gets hired by the mother of a missing woman who apparently practiced the craft. Research is one thing, but what he really needs is someone who not only lives within the community, but is a practitioner as well. More importantly, that someone must know the right people to get connected with. In comes Gus.

Gus is a pagan occult shop owner who gets sucked into the mystery of the missing girl when he discovers a dead body. Being a full blown member of the Wiccan community, he knows he could provide the help in finding the missing girl. Also, without his help, Niall would never get close to solving the mystery. One big problem: should he continue to get involved, not only would it endanger his life, he is bound to lose his heart.

I just so love mysteries, especially when they are written so well and is laced with just the right amount of romance. This is just the beginning of the series so I can just see that these two men will get more mysteries thrown their way with the Wiccan community involved somewhere along the way.

This story is a mystery first and a romance second and I am glad the author did not choose to include a hohum insta-lust-plot. Here, we see the two men get to communicate, get to know each other at a more personal level, get to develop a true and trusting relationship. I love stories like these where I can just get lost in the moment of trying to solve along with the men.

For those who like to learn quite a few facts about the Wiccan culture and arts, who like to read mysteries and romance between two men, Sparks & Drops is the right choice.

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  1. Thank you kindly for such a nice, positive review. I'm so glad you liked the story :)

    The sequel, Devil's Own, is coming in the summer.

    All the best,