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Review: Track Limits by M.A. Ford

Track Limits
by M.A. Ford
Published December 27th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: epub, pdf, zip/html, mobi,Paperback

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Is motorsport ready for a gay driver? 

As the opening race in the Global GT Challenge approaches, lead driver Mark Hunter struggles to regain his confidence after Randolph Racing’s last disastrous season. Mark hesitates when owner Randy says he’s found the perfect replacement for their arrogant previous teammate, Brad Wilkins. Former single-seater star Jordan Matthews is excited to join the crew and ready to put past troubles behind him. 

Trust builds as Mark and Jordan become a fine-tuned team for the number 17 Saleen, earning a podium in Abu Dhabi at the season opener. Their friendship develops into more as they continue to earn prestige for Randolph Racing. But their success sparks jealousy, and people from their pasts threaten vengeance. Jordan is reluctant to ruin his fresh start in racing by exposing the secrets that almost cost him his career ten years ago. If he can’t take the risk, he’ll never realize his dream of kissing Mark on the winner’s podium.

Track Limits by MA Ford is a very informative novel about the ins and outs of race car driving. For those who have no idea on technicalities, rules and etiquette of the sport, the book offers a lengthy synopsis at the very beginning. The actual race itself as depicted in the story is fictional, all based on the author's love for it and wishes.

Reading thiswas quite timely, as I was in the middle when news on Michael Schumacher broke out. A hero for me, as I am a great fan of the sport, although I am a dum dum on the rules and such. I just like watching the speed of the cars, like feeling the rush as a car overtakes another, and the anxiety when cars crash into each other. It is a breathtaking sport, and frankly, I had been watching out for someone other than the Mills&Boon crowd to give us MM readers a taste of what could be.

I finally get my wish. More than 20 years later. And it was well worth it.

MA Ford gave us an almost authentic intimate peek into the lives of these extraordinary sportsmen and the possible events that may transpire should one or two open up on their sexuality. This is a tough sport composed of tough individuals. What happened to Brad Wilkins may well have truly happened as I have seen so many rise then suddenly disappear for apparently no reason.

Mark Hunter's success on the tracks was held down because of one obnoxiously egotistical former teammate. Doubting his abilities to be a real winner, he discovers his new racing partner is none other than former F1 driver, Brad Wilkins. Needing to prove their worthiness, it was soon apparent that their partnership was meant to be. Soon, jealousies rise from all sides and things get more heated on the tracks - and off it.

I liked how MA Ford handled the romance between Mark and Brad. It started out as a strong friendship and soon developed into trust before it fell into a romance. This is a zero heat rating book so do not expect erotica or any graphic man on man action between the sheets. What you get instead is a tender romance based solely on a trust that goes beyond what either man had ever experienced before. 

For those who like cars and motor sports, this is the chance to read the what ifs...

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