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Short Stories Worth Reading

I read quite a lot and my friends do, too. We like short stories, but there are times when we just regret reading for many works are rushed, quickies with no direction, and some are just plain sleazy erotica. For this post, I decided to have a list of those short stories I and my friends have read and found to be sweet, romantic, well written.  Some are no brainers like typical themes of best Gay for gay BFF but not formulaic. Those that just gave us the warm and fuzzies, made us smile and giggle, and made us tear up a bit. Some on this list have their own reviews here in the blog, some do not. Some are freebies, and some are not. They all just have one thing in common: I and my friends loved reading and then reading yet again.

Here is our list of Short Stories Worth Reading (*not listed in order for that is not the point!)

Super GaySuper Gay
by Vicktor Alexander

When William “Will” Ladler shows up at the Radisson Hotel for the wedding of his best friend’s younger brother, he’s surprised to see the gorgeous, effeminate young man he’d danced with the night before at a club, standing at the altar dressed in a tuxedo as a member of the wedding party. Will watches as the younger man’s long auburn hair blows in the wind, missing the entire ceremony. He’s determined to not only find out the younger man’s name but to get his number and ask him out on a date, which is what he’d wanted to do the night before.

Derrick “Rick” Tramun is beyond shocked to see the gorgeous Will Ladler at his older brother’s wedding. Their night was cut short by a fight and Rick’s overprotective friends, who were determined to make sure that he makes it home by his curfew. After dancing with Will the night before and jacking off to the memory of it before bed, Rick is more than happy to take Will up on his offer for dinner, much to his family’s horror and against their objections. His family has always been super supportive of his lifestyle, so why were they so against his dating Will?

But when Will sees exactly how flamboyant and effeminate Rick is and Rick finds out exactly how much Will can “pass” as a heterosexual man, will the two of them be able to make a go of their relationship or is Rick too “super gay” for straight laced Will?

No Getting Over You (Love Has No Boundaries)
by Suzanne Simon 
 Published July 8th 2013

Tucker has been in love with Cameron, his best friend and roommate, from the first moment that they met, but Tucker never stood a chance at being more than a friend since Cameron is straight. Watching his friend go off with women time and again is slowly killing Tucker, and he has to make the tough decision to move away after graduation from the man he loves to avoid further heartbreak. What Tucker doesn't know is that Cameron has other plans for the two of them...

Dear Author,
My name is Tucker. See these two, they are Kurt and Blaine from Glee and I am a total Gleek. Their love is so perfect except it isn’t real. It’s just a TV show.
My best friend says I should stop obsessing over fictional characters. That maybe if I opened my eyes and looked around I would discover a love of my own. 
But what does he know? He’s hot and has tons of girls chasing him. He’s totally straight. 
Or is he?

Photo Description: 
Blaine and Kurt, characters from the television show Glee, are kissing each other.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Do You See Me Now

by Stephani Hecht

Sometimes the best things are right in front of you, just waiting to be seen.

Dax Rogers was a loner in high school, so he kept to himself. Now grown up, Dax has changed a lot. Not only has he made a huge name for himself as a special-effects makeup artist, but he has a whole new look. Then an invitation comes in the mail. It's the tenth reunion for their graduation and they are having a weekend retreat. When he shows up and sees that Lance, his old high school crush, is there too, Dax is both overjoyed and nervous. Will the men be able to make up for lost time?

His Wayward Heart
by C.R. Guiliano
Published October 2013 by MLR Press

Lake has loved Lim for years, but Lim is oblivious. Can Lake ever get Lim to open his eyes and see the love right in front of him before Lake finally gives up?

Lake Daugherty has loved William Cohen since Junior High. They were the best of friends and occasional lovers. Neither questioned nor hid their sexuality. But despite how close they were, Lake could never seem to get Lim to take him seriously. Their on again, off again lovers status was starting to take its toll on Lake. They weren't in high school anymore. They were out of college now too. As Lake's feelings deepened over the years, he realized he wanted more. He wanted all of Lim, for the rest of his life. But was he ever going to convince William Cohen that Lake Daugherty was who he wanted and stop his wandering heart?

by Heather Long

Commander Rick McConnell and Colonel Elijah Masters have been secret lovers for years. They nurtured their very private relationship with planned vacations and leaves, always meeting somewhere different—always escaping off the grid. It worked for them—career officers with a desire to serve their country and a passion for each other. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell provides them with the tremendous opportunity to come out to their friends and loved ones—Rick wants to seize the day, but Eli isn’t so certain. His hesitation leads to a fight, an ultimatum, and a breakup. Rather than confront their issues, Eli takes a foreign assignment.

A year’s separation changes both of them. The last person Eli expects to see when he steps off the plane is Rick, but the physician wants another chance with the only man he’s ever loved and he has a plan. Will bitterness, recriminations, and loss keep them apart or can these two officers rediscover the faith and loyalty that bound them for so long?

In Another LifeIn Another Life
by E.E. Montgomery 

A moving short story about finding yourself, fixing past mistakes, and forevers...

When Eli was twenty-four, he thought he had it all: the job of his dreams, the man of his dreams, and a future that would last forever. But Mike had different plans, and he left Eli to follow them, breaking Eli's heart. 

Eight years later, Eli and Mike cross paths, but a personal tragedy in Eli's life ensures any chance they had to reconnect slips away. 

Eight years pass again, and Mike is back. Eli had finally started to hope that he could find happiness without Mike, but now he must make a decision: play it safe and risk living the rest of his life pining for the one man who made him feel whole, or risk everything on the hope that the third time is the charm.

Hostages (Winterfield, #5)Hostages (Winterfield #5)
by Edward Kendrick

An attempted bank robbery brings five customers and a doctor together when they are taken hostage by the robbers. Can Tabitha and the five men--Preston, Bing, Ezra, Randy, and Marc, foil them without one of them dying in the process?

'Breaking news--A bank robbery attempt has turned into a hostage situation. According to a police spokesperson, four men entered the bank at ten-thirty this morning intending to rob it. Someone activated the silent alarm, bringing the police to the scene. Accounts are sketchy but it has been reported via text messages from a customer inside the bank, the security guard was shot. His condition is unknown at this time. A few minutes later two more shots were heard. According to the police there were two tellers, two other bank personnel, and five customers inside the bank when the robbers invaded. We will keep you updated as more becomes known.'

Thus begins the attempt by Tabitha, Preston, Bing, Ezra, Randy, and soon, Doctor Marc Rivers, to foil the robbers and regain their freedom--without being killed in the process.

This Isn't Goodbye

by Iyana Jenna
Published December 19th 2013 by Evernight Publishing

Stay-at-home dad Taylor MacLean chose his life knowing he could rely on the trust fund from his rich grandmother. He didn’t have to work a day in his life. He preferred to take care of his baby daughter Janine and, when he was not busy changing diapers, he would get down to his art studio.

After finishing college, Jamie Selkirk followed his dream to be a photographer. Now working for a famous fashion magazine, Jamie spent more and more of his time away from Taylor and Janine, his husband and daughter. Can the couple learn to put each other first before their marriage begins to crumble?

At age 18, Shiloh Raben is tired. He no longer has the energy to deal with mean classmates, inner doubt, and fear of familial rejection, so he takes a razor to his wrist. When he wakes up in the hospital, Shiloh meets Travis Kahn, the EMT who saved him and didn't leave his side.

Travis is handsome, smart, and funny - the type of guy Shiloh would never be brave enough to approach. But his near-death experience has an unusual side effect: the life that flashed before his eyes wasn't the one he had already lived, but rather the one he could live. With visions of a future by Travis's side, will Shiloh find the strength to confront his fears and build a life worth fighting for?

Cody Laughman, a lonely firefighter in New York City, gets a blast from the past when his late father’s lawyer approaches him with news. It has been three years since Cody’s father’s death, the family house needs to be sold. Although Cody is glad to get rid of this part of his life, there is one final thing he needs to do -- fly home to Muffin, Alaska, and make the property presentable.

He expects this to be a quick visit, just cleaning up some old memories he usually ignores. But memories are stubborn, and on top of everything else, he finds a real Christmas elf living in the attic of his house. Not a tiny fairy, but a full-grown, deliciously handsome man. He doesn’t even have pointed ears.

But can Cody open up to the possibility of finding love, when the ghost of Christmas past is still haunting him?

Take one NFL tight end, and one Marine, add one week and watch the sparks fly.

Bowen Murphy craved two things, football and Dylan. After high school he had football but he lost Dylan.

Dylan Sunday walked a different path, one laid down before him by his father and his grandfather. Losing Bo one day after discovering they shared more than football wasn’t part of the bargain. 

Six years of missed connections and finally Dylan is able to come home to the man he left behind. The spectacle of the biggest game in the NFL is only the beginning of one sizzling week. After that time and fate would decide if Bo and Dylan would walk the same path, or if one of them would make the ultimate sacrifice.

Spencer is more than happy to stand up with his twin sister when
she gets married, and accepts the role of maid of honor without hesitation. He’s determined to plan the best wedding shower ever, mostly because his other sisters assume he won’t be able to, and he’s focused on giving his twin the party of her dreams. Mostly focused.

When he’s not thinking about cakes, tea sets, flowers, and tulle, he’s entirely caught up by thinking about Dean, the best man. Lucky for him, Dean is equally caught. But in the face of siblings, parents, small children, miles of ribbon, and enough booze for four bachelor parties, do the two of them have what it takes to make it all the way to the alter?

After killing his former lover and the woman he loved, angel Shamsiel is stuck on Earth. While struggling to get back to what he considers the right path of an ascended being, Shamsiel meets Blake, a male pole dancer and a daimon that feeds on everything the angel runs away from: lust, desire, physical love. Blake will challenge him to face his deepest fears and reevaluate his ideas on love, purity, and divine grace.

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