Monday, February 17, 2014

ARC Review: Facade (Destined #3) by Ashley Suzanne

Facade (Destined #3)
by Ashley Suzanne
Kindle Edition
Expected publication: February 17th 2014 by Ashley Suzanne
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

*This book can be read as a STAND ALONE* I would suggest reading the prior 2 novels and novella BUT Facade follows the story of a secondary character in the previous books.

Kylee Anderson has all the qualities any man would want; sexy, fun, witty, intelligent and most importantly, she never wants a commitment.

She’s gone the last four years getting exactly what she wants out of life: She’s continued a friendship with her oldest friend in the world, built a new bond with Skylar and Danny, and had the full college experience.

After graduation, Kylee starts looking for a job where she meets Jacoby Roberts, CEO of the largest real estate development company in Ann Arbor. Just when she thought she was falling for Jacoby and his charm, she was hit with the reality of why it could never be. Not just with him, but with anyone.

Determined to continue down the path of sex without titles, Jacoby will try to break through her shell and win her heart. There’s only one problem; Kylee isn’t that easy to win over. She’s witnessed what happens when you let love interfere with sex, and she’s vowed to never be in that position.

Will Jacoby be able to secure a place in her heart? Will Kylee allow herself to feel the things she’s fighting, or will she keep living behind a fa├žade?

***Mature Audience Only***
**Strong Sexual Content**

I have to be honest here. I started writing this review while I was reading Facade and I had to change my opinions several times until I reached the end! This is what I love about Ashley Suzanne. She can throw twists into a story that you'd never expect until it's right on top of you. Word of warning to those who read the last chapter first - it won't work with this novel.

Kylee finally matures and sees the perfect man waiting right in front of her. This best friend of Mira's was a character I never really got in the first three (or should I say two-and-a-half?) books. She was so flighty, shallow, and tactless. The truly good point for me was she would kill for Mira, who needed all the support she could get during her recovery. I especially hated the way she treated Jacoby.

Now Jacoby isn't a perfect man either, but he has a lot to redeem him. Sexy, sweet, thoughtful - makes you wonder what he saw in Kylee. But then the plot twists - and bends yet again - and Kylee has very well hidden depths after all.

Ashley Suzanne got me floored with the Peroxide Princess. That was a quirk I didn't expect - thank you, I loved it! And the ending? Again, something I didn't expect. Well, not in the way that it was written, anyway.

The only thing I don't really like about this? How I am hearing about Danny less and less.  I know these books were written because of him so maybe he's about to be the hero in an upcoming novel (Ha! Hint, hint, Ms Suzanne!) where I hope he gets the ending and relationship he should have.

But, seriously. Next book, please! Will there be one? What happens to Danny?!?!

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