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Review: Fighting for Survival (Modern Battles #3) by Serena Yates

Fighting for Survival (Modern Battles #3)
by Serena Yates
Published January 17th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: mobi, epub, pdf, zip/html, Paperback

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars 

Dr. Alastair Burrows decides to take a stand after years of escalating abuse by his husband, Cedric Perkins, when he stops Alastair from visiting his brother Grayson after a serious car accident. A few weeks later, Alastair finally escapes his guards, sues for divorce, and begins to openly question Cedric and the pharmaceutical company he runs. As a medical researcher working for Biomedical Inc., Alastair witnessed plenty of dubious practices but had no say. Now he takes a new job with EDT, a company fighting for ethical drug testing, planning to expose Biomedical.

Reinaldo Valverde, intent on stopping drug trafficking, suspects Biomedical is in league with Colombian drug lords. Unable to infiltrate Biomedical, he goes undercover at EDT, hoping to find some leads in their database. Reinaldo meets Alastair and discovers the handsome doctor is also after Biomedical. Reinaldo keeps quiet about his mission, but as Alastair gets closer to the truth, Reinaldo gets closer to Alastair. When they discover Biomedical’s illegal research labs, EDT sends both men on a recognizance mission to Colombia and Brazil.

Lies are revealed, disaster strikes, and they are stranded in the Amazon jungle, facing a fight for survival they cannot afford to lose.

I won't bother with a short summary to what happens in this story as the blurb basically tells it as it reads. We know this is a romance and there is a fight for survival involved. However, things are not as they seem, not with this author spinning her tale the way she does.

It is not good to expect something from an author who gives the unexpected. Modern Battles is a series which started off with the first two books involving medical politics and backstabbing. These were brilliantly executed, their plots running in parallels making it impossible to read the second without going through the first. So I expected the same thing with book #3, Fighting For Survival. 

I was wrong. 

This third book, it does still hold true to the Modern Battles theme but this time, it is set in a totally different world. Out of the high technology and edgy politics of setting up a hospital. This is set in the jungles of the Amazon where two men fight to survive amidst the dangers of the wild and eventually developing a trust and love they never expected.

As they trek through the jungle, they meet all sorts of dangers and this is when the plot turns. There were things going on here that tickled my curiosity. The use of the Pau d'Arco, for one, is something that made me smile as this is one herb that many I know personally and locally use extensively. (Heck, Ms. Serena, I have these at home sitting solidly in my medicine cabinet!) 

It was the medical glue that caught my imagination and I really wanted the author to focus more on this but it is a secret of the shaman and they are a secretive lot. Until now, many pharmaceutical firms are truly at odds on how to get these men and women to give up their knowledge. They never succeeded excepting a few. That it was never given up here was a disappointment, but it was expected.

Given that this is an romance/action/adventure/mystery, Alaistair's plight and Reinaldo's efforts to protect him was unexpected. One would imagine this would be another alpha male thingy but it did not take that path. 

Alaistair took charge of his life and situation and risked all to survive. His husband's connections made things difficult for both men and there were some bit of action going on here that quite satisfied my need for one even if things did get to another unexpected path.

This is probably why I love reading Serena Yates. She makes me discover as I read her works no matter that these are supposed to be pure romance. Her plots always take a different turn that catches my attention and never lets me go. 

Fast paced action adventure with a bit of romance and smexy scenes between two beautiful men, I cannot ask for anything more. 

I got more. And I loved it.

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