Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Gors Warriors (Alien Love #1) by Daniel Mason

Gors Warriors (Alien Love #1)
by Daniel Mason
Published January 21st 2014 by Secret Cravings Publishing

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Earth is under attack from a threat no one would believe. Aliens known in conspiracy circles as the Reptilians are taking over slowly but surely.

Brandon Jameson knows he needs to get the word out, but to make people listen, he needs proof, hard proof even the most diehard skeptic would have to believe. To get the proof, he must do the unthinkable, break into the home of a human collaborator. What happens if he gets caught? He’ll soon find out life on another planet will be his salvation or his death when he ends up fighting for his very survival in an alien coliseum known as the Pit Arena.

He doesn’t expect to find love in the form of his alien teacher, Hysirn. Can they survive going into the fighting pit long enough to know true love in each other’s arms? Only time will tell...

This is the first I have read Daniel Mason. I was intrigued with the thought of a human warrior becoming a gladiator of sorts in an alien world, trained by an alien warrior and finally coming to terms with his present situation and life.

Brandon James, an elite force soldier, gets captured and drained of all information. He had been on the verge of getting the important data needed to prove of an alien invasion on earth. He wakes up with all memories erased, a lot of damage to the brain, becoming a slave to an obnoxious alien family and getting raped and drained of his testicular fluids. 

This is not a situation anyone wants to get themselves into and frankly, the thought of this happening is alien at best. This is the plot however, this is fiction, and it should have gone wrong in so many ways. 

It did not.

What we get is the story of a human man, a warrior at heart and ability, fighting for survival in an alien world. His situation is dire but is saved from it thanks to his alien pit warrior trainer. He soon learns to shed off his humanness, learns that the only way to survive the pit is to fight and win. The telling of the fights left much to the imagination so there really was no gore. 

As time flows without meaning within the pit, he learns to love his trainer, Hysirn. Soon he wins his first battle and is claimed as a mate. Although he still has no understanding of this alien world, and neither does the reader, it is apparent that he walks the walk through this new life learning as he goes along. He soon meets a higher being who not only approves of the mating, but soon reveals a power unexplained. 

As betrayal from the expected sources go their way, he is surprised to learn that there is an even more powerful being that controls this world. And these beings approve of him and Hysirn.

Gors Warriors is obviously a prelude to an even bigger story and there are a lot of things left implied but never explained. As I said earlier, we learn as Daniel learns. This is the part that curiously made me rush on to read this story. When the end was reached and the questions still lingered, it made me more curious and made me want to know more about this alien world. There are many questions I want to ask like who exactly are these beings and what powers are they keeping secrets.

I am going to watch out for this series. That it is action packed is a plus. That it is highly erotic was a huge bonus.

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