Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: The Saucy Minx by Manda Olie

The Saucy Minx
by Manda Olie
Published January 29th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
Formats Available: epub, pdf, zip/html, mobi

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

With a touch of the magic that gives his recipes a culinary kick, Jack Killian has been running his restaurant, the Saucy Minx, for nearly a decade—almost as long as there’s been a spell out there promising to knock him off his feet should he ever meet the other half of his whole. Each day Jack delights his clientele by magically imbuing his food with taste and emotion, even as he slowly loses hope that the man of his dreams even exists.

But when he hires a new dessert manager, his whole life turns upside-down, because his dream man does exist—and he just strolled into the restaurant on someone else’s arm. While conducting business as usual, Jack struggles through what it means when destiny hands you the perfect man on a platter you’re not allowed to touch.

Magic and food. What a mix when one has to really come to think about it. Food is magical when the taste bursts in your mouth or when the thought alone causes the salivary glands to get hyperactive. In The Saucy Minx, it is real magic manipulating the senses causing the one eating to feel emotions they had only dreamed of. 

Jack Killian is a chef and a man of magic. He can cast a spell and get those in love be amorous and truth all out. His magical food has made him successful as a chef and restaurateur. The only thing missing in his life is his soul mate. When he does meet him, disaster: the man is taken. 

Andrew is Jack's best friend and partner in the business. He and Jack had dreamt of their other halves for a decade. His one and only walks in, and he is beautiful. Disaster: his man is taken by Jack's man. 

As the two men struggle to stay on the right path, their other halves have minds of their own. Should they go with the flow or should they go against all they had dreamed of and just give up?

The premise of the blurb was nice, if a bit unusual. It was this unusualness that made me pick this up. Now, I did not expect the events to unfold the way they did. It was funny but a bit frustrating and it confused me a bit. Maybe it's just me? I don't know.

I liked this story, short and sweet that it is. There were a lot of funny moments and it was entertaining. Light and relaxing short read for a hectic day.

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