Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coming Soon! Edge of Hope by Alina Popescu


Once there was a girl who dared to dream. Hanging her hopes out in the open, it was soon seen by all  that maybe she does have something to give us.

It first started out with Freebies...
Pure Love Of The Fallen

...which was quickly followed by the much beloved
Flawless Design

She has proven to have some sort of talent in telling stories. Stories of men, stories of women. Erotic, Hot!, sexy, emotional, gripping.

Whether at a bus stop (which she avoids at all costs) or simply while sitting or waiting for her spinning class to start. She would sit thinking. Dreaming.


Window shopping is a fun thing to do, but her mind was always on that edge of hope. Hoping to realize her dream. That her story would finally get published. 


She did not long for adoration...

...she just wanted people to read her story.

Maybe get recognized not for her beautiful face or her dog, but for her work.

Yes, she dared to dream!

Maybe get her story filmed?

Who knows?

She dreams just like us. 

Thing is, unlike us, she is almost there.

The Edge of Hope is inching its way to us. 




Coming April 3, 2014!

Images Designed by: Carol Wade

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