Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Cops, Cakes, and Coffee (Love’s First Response #1) by Sara York

Cops, Cakes, and Coffee (Love’s First Response #1)
by Sara York 
Published February 21st 2014 

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

After Drake Knowles embarrasses himself in front of Adam Hughes he doesn't see a way for them to ever be together, but sometimes laughter creates a bigger attraction than seduction.
Drake Knowles hides his sexual identity from his macho cop buddies. He doesn't plan on stepping one foot outside of the closet but then he meets Adam Hughes and everything he thought about himself is challenged. Adam makes him feel amazing and it's not just the sex. Adam has been out for ages and doesn't want to hide who he is, but dating a police officer is different than any other relationship he has ever had. Danger threatens their peace, exposing them to the community and to all of Drake's friends.

Cops, Cakes and Coffee is book one of the series Love's First Response which involves cops, firemen and paramedics. In this first installment, a stand alone but introduces the reader to the possible men of the succeeding books, we have Drake Knowles, a cop who is gay but is not out. His working environment is not the most conducive for outing himself and it could get dangerous. This does not stop him from enjoying himself though, especially when someone like Adam Hughes comes into his life.

Adam owns the coffee shop where he spots Drake embarrassing himself publicly. This was actually a form of punishment for losing to the firemen in a charity game. Embarrassing or not, the whole situation sets his gaydar to ping. One brief conversation seals the deal and thus begins the start of a beautiful friendship laced with great coffee and even better cakes.

This is a very light read that is effortless in its telling. It gives us readers that brief moment to lose ourselves in some romantic story involving great looking men. The cakes are not half bad either for it sent me to the kitchen and just make some myself. The writing style of Sara York is light but very visual and sometimes a bit olfactory too. She made this very simple love story leap out from the pages and it just made me smile from beginning to end. 

For those who like the light and romantic reads, this one is definitely recommended. 

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