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Review: If Wishes Were Horses (The Trouble With Angel #2) by J.M. Cartwright

If Wishes Were Horses (The Trouble With Angel #2)
by J.M. Cartwright
Published February 11th 2014 by Loose Id
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My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Sequel to The Trouble With Angel

Hot-tempered Angel and sexy, easy-going Brandon are pretty happy. Brandon's baseball career is over, Angel's no longer missing LA, and the guys are living in a vintage house in southern Oregon. Well, Angel thinks the house is just damned old.

Marisa and Trey have adjusted to the men as substitute parents, and Angel and Brandon have figured out how to have regular sex even with kids in the house. Angel's even loving his marketing job at the winery.

But when Brandon gets an offer of a new job back in California, is their new life going to fall apart? Tough and scrappy Angel is afraid that their hot sex life and the family they've built won't be enough to keep Brandon in the confoundedly cold Pacific Northwest. And being afraid pisses him off.

Brandon's really keen on the job, and not at all keen on the cold. Will hot and sunny California call Brandon home again?

For those of us who had read The Trouble With Angel, this is a really nice follow up of that quirky, queenie and flamboyant man-child. Yes, man-child! Angel is such a queen and so spoiled by both his mother and lover, Brandon, he can stomp and act out rivalling Trey and even 9 year old Marisa. He is just lovable is Angel.

In If Wishes Were Horses, Angel has all these plans mapped out and just like a horse with blinders, could only see what was in front of him and totally missed whatever was going on around him. Well, not so much as missed, more like, he likes not to see what is going on. If he does, he literally and figuratively covers his eyes with the blinders and keeps on going. Of course, when this happens, things can go wrong and he - well, he acts out.

In this case, Brandon gets a call for an opportunity of a lifetime. Just as he is mulling things over and trying desperately hard to talk to Angel, things get out of hand and Angel acts like the very devil that he is. And so the drama goes on to comedic proportions.

This is a short follow-up of the life of Brandon with his amor Angel. It is funny, silly, and highly entertaining. It was nice reading these men yet again and if things were hot in the first book, things were just as HOT! and uber-romantic in this one. 

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