Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Personal Protection by A.R. Moler

Personal Protection
by A.R. Moler
Published March 2nd 2014 by JMS books
Formats Available: EPUB (Open eBook / Nook), HTML (Firefox / IE / Web), MOBI (Amazon Kindle), PDF (Adobe Reader), PRC (Mobipocket)

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Dr. Ryan Bergstrom has offended somebody, but he has no idea who is so upset with him. Ryan is a gifted medical researcher working on a drug that could slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Death threats and nasty pranks mean that the medical research firm has hired a bodyguard to make sure their golden boy is protected from his stalker.
Brendan Marek is an ex-Ranger currently working as private security. Ryan’s attracted to his new bodyguard but sure that a military guy wouldn’t be interested. But Marek is not a stereotype. Can they figure each other out while under siege?

Personal Protection may be a short and light read but it is filled with action packed scenes, erotic and super HOT! in some, and just plain sappy in  others. 

This is just my cup of tea!

The book opens and there is an immediate tension set. There is a need for full protection for one Dr. Ryan Bergstrom who just happens to be the top medical researcher for a drug that could be the answer to controlling, or even, curing, Alzheimer's. This is something big and with this job comes a whole lot of things like animal testing, something many of us are up in arms against, but logically this is really the only way to go before any drug could go the final steps of human testing. This miserable step may just be the reason why someone is threatening Ryan and the stalker is getting too close for comfort.

In comes Brendan Marek, an ex-Ranger turned private security/bodyguard. He has been assigned the job to protect Ryan at all costs. His presence is welcome relief, not only for the protection, but this guy is pure eye-candy and Ryan finds himself drooling. But he cannot tell. He cannot reveal. It's bad form to lust after your own bodyguard.

As the tension heats up and the threats escalate to bullets flying and kissing the asphalt, Brendan finds himself caught between wanting to protect Ryan and just throwing him on the bed.

This is a really HOT! story. Add in the element of fear and action, this was very hard to put down.

This is a short and light read but it is full of the right elements that can grip the reader from start to finish. Inhaled in under an hour.

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