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Review: Summoner's Dirge (The Last Canticle #1) by Evelyn Shepherd

Summoner's Dirge (The Last Canticle #1)
by Evelyn Shepherd
Published March 4th 2014 by Loose-Id
Formats Available: PDF, epub, mobi, HTML, .lit

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Because of the strange tattoos that decorate his body, Damir Rosen has lived a secluded, quiet life on his farm outside of Canaan. But the peace and calm of his daily life is shaken when he finds a broken and half-dead man in his field. Taking a grave risk, Damir heals Balin and discovers a passion he never thought possible in the exotic stranger from another land.

On a mission to kill the king of Pheor when his airship crashes in the mountains, Balin grieves that he’ll die before he ever finishes the job. An unexpected angel—who glows with the strength of the stars—saves him, though, and now Balin must decide whether remain with the sensual man who brought him back from death or finish the job that could stop a war.

Tragedy strikes, forcing Balin and Damir onto the run. With the aid of a group of sky pirates, they begin a journey, one Damir only dreamed of ever taking. If Damir can overcome his grief, and learn to trust Balin, they may just be able to uncover the truth behind Damir’s healing powers, save the world, and each other in the process.

I chanced upon this title thinking this sounded unique and may be an epic story to look forward to. This week, I finally found the time to take time out and just relax to enjoy myself and get deeply lost in the world where the constellations are heroes and elves and men live in peace. 

Summoner's Dirge, the first book in the epic saga that is The Last Canticle, is an action-packed fantasy fiction where one can get lost in the terrors of the unknown and the misery of a fate unexpected. This is the story of Damir, a young man whose blue markings and healing powers have caused his almost absolute isolation from civilization. Raised a farmer and orphaned at a young age, he is left to care for a beloved younger sister who is his heaven on earth. Naturally a healer, the chance discovery and healing of an almost dying man opens his world beyond the farm he tended.

Balin, a shadowwalker, driven by vengeance, had given up his birthright to avenge the loss of a sister. On a last assignment from his king, he wakes up to the image of a beauty. Damir. He had been inexplicably brought back from the brink of death and soon finds himself wanting to just forget his past and just live in love.

Tragedy strikes both men and in that time, they discover that Damir is not what he seems to be. Running from a mad king's seneschal, they join sky pirates in the search of a mystery. 

The telling of this story is a light read but by no means lacking in depth and entertainment. Almost each chapter opens to a new adventure and it is relaxing that this can be put aside for a while and continue on to the next adventure filled with mystery.

The brilliance of this book is not so much as the stories unfolding as the author's ability to graphically describe the sequence of events so precise it is impossible not to get the mental images flashing like a movie. The blood, the gore, the stealth and action, it was just a fantastic read. The best thing is that each adventure clearly opens the path for the next one and each one is interconnected to reach that final event which opens the path wide for a next installment that will explain whatever may have been left unexplained. 

This was such a relief, reading this, for it is different, it is entertaining, and no matter what I said before where it was easy to put away, I never did and just inhaled the read in one. 

This is another epic fantasy I am sure to follow up on. There are only a few out there but this one is different in its so many tales of fantasy and adventure. 

Oh! I forgot to mention something: this is one HOT! book. (Sorry about that!)

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