Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Would You Trust a Werewolf? (Romance on the Go) by Berengaria Brown

Would You Trust a Werewolf? (Romance on the Go)
by Berengaria Brown
Published February 20th 2014 by Evernight Publishing

My Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Cord has been attracted to Dillon for a long time. After months of casual conversation and a gradually growing friendship, he finally convinces Dillon to share a meal with him. But there's a problem—Cord is a werewolf and Dillon despises weres. 

Their first date is a success, but how can they have a future without trust? 

I had some big trouble with this one. I really like the plot, short and  light read with a bit of man on man love between a human and a werewolf. Thing is, I got confused as what and which way the plot was going.

The title by itself does set the premise properly, but the blurb...

Dillon is supposed to despise weres and yet he unhesitatingly accepted the date with Cord. Dillon is supposedly human and yet out of nowhere, he is not. He shifts. 

My problem is, if he 'despises' then there should have been no friendship to begin with. Maybe 'despises' is the wrong word? If the word were different it would not have confused me and I am terribly confused. 

Maybe some other reader can help me?

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