Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Re-release Day Blitz for Misha Elliot

I am an old movie watching wine drinking book lover. I can't remember a time when books weren't a part of my life. Writing gives me a reason to talk to the voices in my head
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Typical isn't a word you would use to describe Sophia Ann Marshall's life. Is she the parent? The daughter? The caretaker? Or the one who ruined it all? is there really a white knight that could come rescue her? Sophia's not so sure anymore. When her mom's latest breakup and firing causes them to move the summer before her senior year, Sophie is devastated.
Until she meets star QB, Alexander Matthews. Alex is the beginning of all the firsts Sophie has been dreaming of. Moving has turned her life and the life of her mom, around to exactly where she wanted it to be. Everything is great but will the price of happiness be too high? Can she really give up her dream? Why is life always filled with choices?
But he wants her to choose...Will she give him up to follow her dreams, or give up her dreams to follow him.

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