Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: The Emerald Prince by Kayci Morgan

The Emerald Prince
by Kayci Morgan 
Published by Forbidden Lust

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
In a kingdom faced with civil war, an idealistic prince must abandon the foreign princess he desires for an arranged marriage to an influential knight. Together, the prince and knight travel north to deal with an army marching on the kingdom’s borders, only to discover the biggest threat to the crown is the princess they left behind.
Prince Elliot had everything—wealth, power, the love of a beautiful woman. It wasn’t enough. More than anything he wanted to prove himself worthy of his crown. When negotiations for his sister's arranged marriage to Sir Blaine fell apart, he was asked to take her place and marry the knight.
Sir Blaine was adored throughout the kingdom for his strategic mind and feats of bravery. He was rewarded with the greatest gift a king could offer a knight—the princess’s hand in marriage.
But Blaine found the brazen Prince Elliot far more enticing.
The story revolves around siblings Prince Elliot and Princess Victoria. Although the Princess Victoria is older, it is Prince Elliot who is the heir to the throne. When the princess' betrothed arrives, no one ever thought that Sir Blaine, son of one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom, would turn his eyes on the prince and marries him instead. The whole thing smells of sorcery in the mind of the princess and she does her best to circumvent the evil plans of the enchantress within their midst. As the Prince and his new husband travel to a distant outpost in need, they never thought that they had left behind the real danger. As the distance increase, both men realize they may have started off on the wrong foot, but what they have now they have a need to hold on to.

This is a fairy tale set in medieval times where knights in shining armor save the damsels in distress. Well, in this case, the damsel was saved by someone who was not a knight and it was really the prince who got snared in by the knight. A real knight. As romantic plots go, this reminds me somewhat of a tame historical novel which are light and entertaining reads no matter which way they are interpreted.

I'd have to say that this was average story that involved a sorcery/witchery theme. There were parts I had trouble with but it also had a lot of things going on that I ended up liking.

Here are some points I was having trouble with:

First, I didn't really 'feel' the love, maybe because it was short and the author didn't have much text space to convince me that the love was from within and not part of the spell cast upon them. I hope it was real love, for it does point in that direction.

Second, I could not quite get why the title is The Emerald Prince? I just did not get it.

Third, there were some plot holes here left unexplained and unresolved. However, when the end was reached, this sort of screamed 'sequel' so I have hopes.

Now, for the good parts:

I needed a light read, something that involved romance, a bit of the erotica and maybe a sprinkle of fantasy or paranormal. Well, this one did succeed in getting me away from the world for a bit of time and it was entertaining. There was an evil enchantress, a princess in distress, and an unexpected lover to save her sanity. We also have a prince of the realm who finds in an enemy, a lover who may just be the one fate grants him as his soul mate. 

In the end, I did like reading this little bit of story and I did end up smiling.

Review written in collaboration with: darz 

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