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Review: Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss (an Avondale Story) by Etienne

Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss (an Avondale Story)

by Etienne 
Published April 17th 2014 by Smashwords
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Formats Available: epub, mobi, lrf, pdb
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Adam Yancey is about to graduate from college, with a degree in music at the age of eighteen. He’s highly intelligent, totally goal-oriented, and anxious to begin working on a Master’s and then a Doctoral degree, so he can pursue a career as a concert organist.
But what he really dreams of is having a loving relationship with another man—a relationship like his father and his father’s partner have. Unfortunately, Adam has a secret. One he feels certain will prevent him from ever having such a relationship.
Buzz Patterson is a jock and a track star, and all he wants out of life is to get laid—as often as possible. Then one day, his buddies goad him into betting that he can find out if Adam’s long fingers fulfill the old saying about long fingers being an indication of length elsewhere.
Buzz has all summer to win the bet, and he begins to actively pursue Adam. Will he win the bet? Or will he wind up getting more than he bargained for?

A few months past, Etienne revealed that he had another Avondale Story coming up soon. Since that announcement, and subsequent revelation of the title, this really tickled my curiosity. For those who are fans to this series, each installment is a standalone and no matter which book is picked up first, the readers will never end up confused or lost. The characters involved are the men of Avondale, a community that is known to be very tolerant to the LGBT. These men are ordinary men: cops, private detectives, lawyers, computer geeks, accountants, nurses.  Some more unusual than most. They all have one thing in common: they each end up happily with their chosen partners and no matter how the author insists that he is not a romance writer, these Avondale stories are romantic. And many of these tales are quite HOT!

In this installment, we have two young men: Adam Yancey, a highly intelligent and gifted organist musician, and Buzz Patterson, accounting student, track star jock. It all started out as a dare where Buzz is goaded into befriending Adam and subsequently, discover if the parts that count, actually fit - all based on that old saying about long fingers. Buzz doesn't think twice about it, and pursues the young Adam, thinking this was one easy peasy sweet win.

Well, not so fast! Buzz never bargained on Adam turning the tables on him. 

And so the title comes into play: Buzz Bets Badly, But Begets Bliss. 

It's a tongue twister, don't I know it. Try saying this 10 times without pausing for breath! But as all alliterations go, there is a lesson here somewhere, and this is when the talent of an author like Etienne gets revealed. Where a simple tale of betting becomes much more than what either bettor or bettee bargained for.

Soon, it was clear that what started out as a bet for Buzz was turning into something deliciously unexpected. For Adam, a little bird let fly on that bet made and, on the sly, he makes plans. As they start hanging out together as friends, with Buzz trying his best to get in the know and Adam covering his moves to catch Buzz maybe make a mistake, both young men discover they actually, and honestly, liked each other. And then, their mutual attraction got a bit hot to handle. Too hot. 

If only for that bet.

When Buzz finally realizes the truth and faces it, he does the unexpected and wins a partner in his young age he never thought he could ever have. As for Adam, the bet may be off, but his secret is a painful one to reveal. He needs to know: how will Buzz react when he finds out? When it is revealed, will he still have this beautiful relationship to hold on to? Will Buzz hold up to the promises they made to each other? 

I really enjoyed reading this, and somehow this one brought back to mind the earlier Avondale tales which bordered erotic and left too much to the imagination making it one HOT! read. Adam's secret was quite unexpected too! I had my theories as I read, but I never once thought of it to be what it was. The way this was handled, from it being a top secret thing all the way to the revelation, it was just perfect! There was a bit of drama, yes, but never once stepped on the melodrama landing. True to the Etienne style. 

By the end of this read, though, I felt there were some loose ends somewhere and this left me feeling there was more to come after this tale. Will this mean a probable sequel? Let's just say: this thought made me happy and grinning silly. 

Then again, I always get that silly-goofy look after reading this author's works. 

Disclaimer: I was one of the beta readers to the original manuscript but I had to just read this once more and with full focus as the author made quite a few changes. Thank you Etienne, for that opportunity. Hugs!

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