Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: The Plantation Affair by Gregory Jonathan Scott

The Plantation Affair
by Gregory Jonathan Scott
Published March 18th 2014 by Gregory Jonathan Scott LLC
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
During a time when love between two chaps was not spoken of, Deklan and Logan found a way to bring their affair of the heart to life. One was the white son of a wealthy Plantation owner, and the other a black servant who worked the property to survive. 
This romantic fairytale took place in the deep south of Georgia in the late eighteenth century where horse carriages and kerosene lighted lanterns brought a town to life. Deklan and Logan’s affair was ignited one night with the help of a mysterious man who magically appeared and then disappeared without a trace after leading them into the realms of love.
Love was found, Love was lost and then Love was found again in a spiraling and uplifting fairytale between two lovable beings that were meant to be in love.

I saw this and showed it to another who said it was "Gone-with-the-wind-esque." If you are reading this P,  you know who you are.

It was the thought of that classic novel (I hated the movie, forgive me) that made me finally decide to take a chance on this one. I had never read Gregory Jonathan Scott before and I am happy I finally did. This was such a gorgeous book that turned out to be less off the GWTW and more of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella (fella). **Note: no, I am not talking about the Jerry Lewis movie!

Like all fairy tales, there has to be some form of fairy god-parent to assist the two lovers finally realize their happily ever after. Well, in this story, there is one but it was such a strange and inexplicable kind of assistance that I really doubt it was really that mythical creature involved. 

I am ahead of myself, so let me backtrack a bit.

After the Civil War, Georgia is coming back on its feet and one of the more successful families is that of the Royals headed by Dante, Deklan's father. Deklan is the only child of the Royals and he may not really be spoiled but he did grow up with a silver spoon feeding him and a lot of servants. He is a good boy but his parents are worried about his future and they wanted him to be happy.

The Royal plantation houses numerous servants who have their own version of ranking. One of the lowest of the low ranked is Logan. He is the child of the former cook to the Royals killed in an accident a few years past and another servant. Thing is, their relationship was frowned upon by both servants and employers alike as theirs was a bi-racial love affair that produced a mulatto. Logan, though, he is a happy man who likes to keep within himself and have the animals he cares for as friends. He is trampled upon, laughed at, hit on and all kinds of abuse servants could think of, but he is still happy. From afar, he looks to Deklan, the owner's son, the prince of the plantation. He never dreamed that Deklan would look right back.

On a strange night when Deklan is to choose a bride, a fairy-god-father comes into the scene and helps Logan realize a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and talk with Deklan. He arms him with clothes to rival the fashionista of the times and two items: a ring and a pendant. He only has until midnight, then all will disappear. Just like in that classic fairy tale. When midnight comes, Deklan is left with a broken heart and the ring. All he has to do is find the man, a mulatto, to fit the ring. 

Unlike that classic fairy tale, when Deklan finally finds his soul mate, they are not met with wildly pinging bells and confetti thrown from the highest buildings. They are met with strife and the anger of Dante Royal who proclaims the relationship over and plans the wedding to a young woman of his choice

Thus, the story of Deklan and Logan's Plantation Affair unfolds and it is beautiful. Theirs may be a relationship that is doomed by the times but it is romantic. It is just gorgeously sweet. It is beautifully written.

This was a very hard book to put down.  I never did. 


  1. This is a terrific review. Thank you very much for the kind and genuine words. Thank you.

  2. Lol, loved cinderfella, and I'm sure I'll love this more!

  3. Your great review has made me want to read this book - thank you