Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Taking ControlOf My Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #4) by Bronwyn Heeley

Taking Control of my Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #4)
Published April 15th 2014 by extasybooks
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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Let’s introduce you to the alpha.
Eamon has lost everything in his life. It’s not until his family forces him to go and close out his partner’s estate that he meets a group of men who change his life, and one in particular who opens his heart to love again.
Only there’s something not quite right here. Once Eamon realizes what it is, will he still be willing to stay?

I'll admit, this book diverged quite a bit from the first three books. This is a manga style of story telling after all and just like it, this is an episode where we meet a new character and the action is on the down-low. We are now being introduced to a very important character: the pack alpha. This pack alpha will ultimately have a bigger and more important role in what I suspect.

And this tickles me pink! 

Spoiler alert!!!!!! 

This is a VERY IMPORTANT installment. Missing this book would be like missing a whole episode and going back to the series without reading this would just mean confusion and frustration for this series is a bunch of stories that are intertwined! Make sure to read this fourth book! I cannot impress this enough.

Now, the review.

Eamon, a therapist by profession, is sent off by his friends and family to a property he never knew about. A property that was kept from him by his deceased partner, Patrick. Finding himself in the middle of nowhere, seeking relief from his depression, he discovers a need to create a safe haven. Well, for himself, he knows that. But somehow, something is driving him to make this a very safe place. For others. Who they are? He does not know yet. And why is he thinking like this? 

So many questions!

Hiring a company to landscape the gardens, Eamon meets Chris. He had seen this young man in the bar one night and he could never forget him. There is an attraction he knows not where it is coming from. Feeling a bit guilty, and maybe traitorous, to the memory of Patrick, he commits to a decision that would change his life forever. One that would involve a truly unimaginable reality. And Chris.

And the rest of the pack.

As their relationship crosses new boundaries, Eamon finds himself in a position he never imagined, nor understood. Funny thing, it involved the whole pack. 

And the sanctuary that was his home.

The way I read this, Taking Control of My Werewolf is an arc within an arc. Where new and very important casts of characters are introduced, to be later savored, loved and appreciated in the future books. 

Did I just write 'casts of characters?' = Take it this way: that was the spoiler! So make sure to read this and find out!

Can't wait for book 5!!! (Im)patient now!

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