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Series Review: Royal Mates, Love's Diamond Books 1, 2, 3, & 4 by Lyssa Samuels

The six royal Sorenson brothers from the world of Sanzel have been targeted for extermination. Guided by a mage equal to Merlin, they are directed to Earth where each brother will get to find their aheri - their beloved mate - increase their powers, and finally destroy the evil power that is consuming their world. With their mates at their sides, they each can start their family and live a happier life.

Books in the series:

Book 1 - King Merek and the Mechanic
Book 2 - Prince Magnus and the Carpenter
Book 3 - Prince Daxton and the Geek
Book 4 - Prince Kendrick and the Coach
Book 5 - Prince Drake and the Rock Star (WIP)
Book 6 - Prince Duncan and the Playboy (WIP)

King Merek and the Mechanic (Royal Mates: Love's Diamond #1)King Merek and the Mechanic (Royal Mates: Love's Diamond #1)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, fisting, HEA]
Merek Sorenson is a king with a problem. His world is in unrest, and the Legari warriors are hunting him and his brothers for extermination.
Vance Morrow is a mechanic who spends his Saturdays with his buddies playing baseball. Meeting Merek has raised hope within his heart. He feels an incredible pull to the loving man who has brought kindness, happiness, and downright need back into his life.
Merek has waited for his aheri, his destined mate, his entire life. The love Merek has for Vance is soul deep. He knows he must reveal who he is and the danger that follows him. He prays Vance will want to bond with him and will be open to the fact that the men of Merek’s world can become pregnant. He aches to hold Vance in his arms forever, bring him home to rule beside him on Sanzel, and create children with him that they can nurture and love.

Prince Magnus and the Carpenter (Royal Mates, Love's Diamond #2)Prince Magnus and the Carpenter (Royal Mates: Love's Diamond #2)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, light bondage, HEA]
Prince Magnus Sorenson is a warrior who is used to the isolated life of a soldier. He is responsible for the safety of his royal family and their subjects and is haunted by his failure to protect his parents. Magnus never expected to find his aheri—his beloved mate. He didn’t deserve him.
Archer Stockton is a humble carpenter who plays baseball with his buddies on the weekends. Archie is a gentle giant with a pure heart who was beaten by his father for being gay, causing him to have to learn to talk, read, and walk again. He knew he wasn’t much of a catch. Mag deserved better.
Magnus knows Archer is perfect for him. Archer brings love and gentleness into his life. Miraculously, Archer can see through the glamour of Mag’s world. He also sees the beauty of their future and the babies they will have together. Magnus is a soldier who is afraid. Afraid to hope.
Note: While Prince Magnus and the Carpenter is a stand-alone sequel, it is suggested that the previous book in the Royal Mates, Love's Diamond series be read first for continuity.

Prince Magnus and the Carpenter (Royal Mates, Love's Diamond #2)Prince Daxton and the Geek (Royal Mates: Love's Diamond #3)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, light bondage, HEA
Bryce St. John is a shy man—a geek who lives in his world of computers. After surviving a date attack, he is afraid to trust and is afraid of intimacy. He refuses to risk his heart or his safety by choosing the wrong man again.
Prince Daxton Sorenson is a soldier assigned to protect and learn from the powerful, royal seer Mohar from the time he was a young man. Seeing Bryce on the baseball field, he realizes he has found his aheri. When Bryce panics and flees, Daxton is heartbroken.
Daxton is patient and loving, and Bryce soon finds himself completely smitten. When Mohar arrives to take Daxton back to Sanzel, Dax is injured. Bryce has had enough. He is one seriously pissed off mate who will do what he must to find and protect his man. He is not about to give up on the loving future and the houseful of babies that Dax has promised him.

Prince Kendrick and the Coach (Royal Mates, Love's Diamond #4)Prince Kendrick and the Coach (Royal Mates, Love's Diamond #4)
Roger Newcomb has had his fill of men who don’t want a committed relationship. He wants one man to love and have a family with. It seems that he is alone in his quest for true love.
Prince Kendrick Sorenson knew that Roger was his aheri from the moment their eyes met and their souls connected. Roger is the perfect mate for him. But Kendrick is a broken man who cannot give Roger the future he deserves or the family he desires.
Spending time with Kendrick has torn down all of Roger’s barriers. He knows nothing about Kendrick’s royal lineage or that the men of Sanzel can have babies. All he knows is, this strong soldier belongs to him. Kendrick insists that there will be no kids in their future and leaves, making Roger decide to move on to a new life in Colorado. It will take more than magic to make things right. It will take a miracle.

Note: While Prince Daxton and the Geek is a stand-alone sequel, it is suggested that the previous books in the Royal Mates, Love's Diamond series be read first for continuity.
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

I have been following the Royal Mates, Love's Diamond series since the first book, Merek, was released. I am an *mpreg fan you see, for I love the thought of men finally getting their just dues when it comes to childbirth. That said, this series can be easily mistaken as another formulaic read that would read much like each other with the same plot, yadda yadda yadda..... Well, no! this is not those things.

Each and every book of the series is a different read. Just look at the tags for each of them. Like Merek involves the scary 'fisting' because that is the way both men go, the brother Magnus is not into those things and is more into the light bondage. Daxton, although does have light bondage as well, is not like the previous read simply because the men involved are different and each have their own personalities. Then there is the fourth installment, Kendrick. This one is probably the fiercest of the lot but is considerably the sweetest. 

All the books in the series is a light read, but these are not necessarily shorties. Each one deals with a different brother who find their aheri on Earth after they get directed there by Sanzel's equivalent of the wizard Merlin. These six brothers each have their own unique personalities and magical talents and bonding with their mates would result to their magic increasing in power that would enable them to have the tools to fight the evil that is killing the happiness in their world. You see, an evil has managed to insinuate itself into political influence and is behind the disappearance of the children of Sanzel. These children, once grown, have a uniqueness not found in other worlds: once they mature, they can bear children. The details of this uniqueness are found in the books, and the secrets unfold gradually but never too slow to cause boredom. 

For Book 1, we have the King Merek who finds in Vance the man who could not only fulfill his needs but make his life complete with the full love given to him and make him the king that his people needed. In Book 2, we have Magnus, a warrior in every way possible, he never thought he would find a love in the giant of a man, Archie, especially when driven by a guilt he could not hope to get over from. Now Archie, of the aheri in this series, is probably the most innocent and most fierce. His handicap was his greatest strength and the way author Lyssa Samuels treated him just made me smile all the way. Now, for Book 3, Daxton's aheri, Bryce,  is the secret weapon no one on Sanzel thought to have. His is a mind that has no equal save for the wizard who guides the princes and king. His mind is so logical he made everyone look slow, but his heart made Daxton a power no one thought of or even imagined. Their relationship was the most unique of all, I thought, also the most powerful and romantic. Book 4, is a totally different story from the rest. This is about Roger, a man who craved children and a loving husband. His need for a family was only surpassed by Kendrick, a prince who never thought that children would ever be in his future. This was the fiercest and strongest story, I thought, for this showed the fierce love of the author for children and their rights. That children are a treasure unsurpassed.

What I find most intriguing about this series is the timeline presentation. Many times I have read a series and I get confused when one timeline gets confused with another. Not this one. Each book has its own time frame when the sequence of events unfold but at the same time, they mesh well with the other books as they occur simultaneously. Which leads me to book four: Kendrick. Although this is a stand alone, again, the time line is well integrated into the arc of the story and having read the series in whole, it was not difficult at all to get my bearings.

Another thing I really liked about the books is the last part for each: Epilogue. This part of the story hold the clues of the future for these princes and their families. These also give us readers an insight on what may happen in the next installment.

So each book is different. Each brother has their chance to tell the story on how they found their aheri and win them over. Best of all, they each get the chance to tell of how they broke the news of their coming from a different world, having magical powers, having the ability to bear children and best of all, convince their partners that they are faithful partners - without necessarily giving them a mild stroke in the process.

I love these types of stories. It makes me forget about so many different and difficult realities I face each day. Best of all, it gives me that mpreg fix I crave for once in a while. 

*mpreg - male pregnancy

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