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Blog Tour, eARC Review & #Giveaway: Break Free by Amber Garza

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Break Free
By: Amber Garza 
Publication Date- April 18th, 2014 

Jade Mathews is on the run. Running from an addiction that almost destroyed her, and a man who wants her dead.
Kyler James is a writer, a recluse locked in a prison of his own making.
When Jade and Kyler meet they find solace in one another and start to heal. Until Jade stumbles upon Kyler’s latest manuscript and is shocked to find that it is her story. One he couldn’t know. Jade fears she’s trusted the wrong person once again, and this time it may be her undoing.
Is the past destined to destroy them, or will they finally break free?


Break Free
by Amber Garza
Kindle Edition, Published April 2014

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Break Free is one of those stories that is difficult to describe. It's a romance, mystery, inspirational, and gritty book rolled all together. I will add that Amber Garza is a truly gifted writer who I hope will not stop churning out stories for a very long time.

Jade is a woman whose character would bring hope to victims everywhere. She's a victim of abuse and of drugs, perpetrated by the people who should be the ones protecting her from harm. While the premise sounds outlandish, it's very true. Most abusers know their victims very well and use that closeness to hide the horrors they inflict.

She's stronger than she thinks - how else could anyone survive years of that torture - and decides to walk away when her boyfriend tries to kill her. Working through the addiction is another thing altogether yet she manages to get herself clean and resist the pull for more. Nobody weak can do both on their own!

It's obvious from the start that Kyler is hiding something when he meets Jade. His kind and caring behavior is almost too good to be true yet he's sincere. Such a contradiction in this man. He helps her become herself and shows her there's more to the world than distrust and pain. That's a perfectly beautiful, pure soul who is also battered himself.

Her flashbacks allow you to understand how painful her life had been to this point. It's not only the abuser who hurts her, though. The community around failed her completely with their apathy and willingness to look the other way. The gossip flying around didn't help much, either.

This story makes you think and go inside yourself to explore. Was there something I missed with a certain child, or person? Is that sense of outrage I feel about a person (or animal) being hurt enough? Or can I do more than just feel mad? Condemnation doesn't do anything positive. And for a concrete action: Can I be strong enough to support or be there for someone who is trying to get clean or survive abuse?

What makes Break Free a fantastic read isn't just the characters, plot, or the words. Amber Garza nudges you to look at your real world differently and you come out changed yourself.


Kyler’s eyes softened around the edges. “Jade, your scars only make you more beautiful.”
“Oh, please.” I snorted. “This is not a scene from one of your books.” I pushed away from the counter and turned my back on Kyler. “My scars don’t make me beautiful. They make me hideous.”
“Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that again.” His voice was firm.
I grabbed at the fabric of my pants, rolling it between my fingers. I understood now. Kyler was no different from the others. Sure, his intentions may have been nobler, but he wanted what they all wanted. To control me. To make me obey.
I was steel. I was brick. I was iron. I wouldn’t crumble. “Or you’ll what?” My tone was low and deep, icy. “What will you do if I say it again?”
“I’ll convince you that you’re wrong.”
“And how will you do that?” He’ll hit me, kick me, punch me, burn me, cut me, starve me.
“I’ll tell you that you’re beautiful again and again.”
The words crashed into me like a powerful wave. “What?”
“I’ll say it over and over, as many times as you need, until you believe me.”
 I was glass. I was ice. I was fragile. I was breaking. I was his.

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