Friday, May 9, 2014

Cover Reveal & #Giveaway: A Werewolf's Howl (Moonlit Wolves Book #5) by Bronwyn Heeley

About Bronwyn Heeley

I’m kinda a cliché: Mother of two, always liked to write (okay, there wasn’t a life time of reading love) who picked up a book one day and realised those voices in her head were actually screaming at her for a reason, and it wasn’t to look like a dick when she get caught talking to herself (laugh people, that was funny. And sadly true)

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ISBN #:978-1-77111-838-5 
Series: Moonlit Wolves # 5
Word Count:26,210
Page Count: 117

Expected Date of Publication: May 15, 2014 by Extasy Books
Déjá vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time so he can keep the only man he ever loved?

Standing at another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back, he’d seen this before, a year ago, when everything turned to shit.

Brad is in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mate’s murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agrees a little two easily.
An excuse to run into the one man he’d been pinning over for two long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head, Brad isn’t sure, but as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.

Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friend’s life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnecting they both so desperately need?

Author Note: Recommended to read this series in order.

Categories: BDSM Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Werewolves COMING SOON

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  1. Only four more days to release! :D

  2. I know! My hands are itching to get this one. My curiosity is killing me... hehehee

  3. Kyle and Brad... the suspense is killing me.