Wednesday, May 21, 2014

eARC Review: Dangerously Happy by Varian Krylov

Dangerously Happy
Expected publication: June 1st 2014 by Varian Krylov
(Just released! Available for immediate download at just $2.99 if you buy before June 1st)

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Aidan has always played it safe. Instead of pursuing his dream of creating innovative music that makes his soul sing, he settled for a degree in software, a job in a cubicle, and a spot in a generic band with his buddies.

And he's always been straight. But when he's seduced by magnetic local literary luminary Dario, Aidan must decide whether to keep playing it safe, or succumb to a ravenous passion and a nourishing love unlike anything he's experienced before. Will he find the courage to go after real happiness if it means admitting he's in love with a man? 

Their journey together isn't easy. Sometimes it isn't safe. Even if Aidan has the courage to admit he's in love with Dario, can he endure the repercussions of the traumatic event in Dario's past?

Before you proceed: The blurb speaks for itself so I am going to spare you another version of it. I also cannot, in all honesty, afford to spoil spoilers. This is a read where the surprise of discovery is just as important as the plot unfolding.

The first I heard of author Varian Krylov was from good friend and author, Adrienne Wilder, who could not stop himself from recommending the read. When I got to finally open the eARC sent, I was just ... no words. I found myself shaking my head... Why? Well, let's just say that this author, this woman, wow, her talent for the descriptive word is simply amazing. Her use of words caused such vivid imagery it was more than just a movie in my mind. The thoughts and feelings of each and every individual character in this book, main and supporting, were not only addressed, but treated with such intimacy it was... (breathtaking?)

This is an overwhelming book. The level of raw eroticism reached was more than I had ever encountered before. The funny thing was, even if this is a highly sexual book, not once did I dismiss this as porn on text. This was the greatest surprise. I have read so many books and I can usually segregate the heat levels into my own personal and secret categories. But this one? This one just about put me on a spin and I got lost in it. I even tried dropping it once but kept thinking about the story unfolding and managed to burn something in the oven. tsk tsk mea culpa

Dangerously Happy does not read like an ordinary romance/erotic novel. There were just so many layers: from the obviously highly erotic sexual content which ranged from vanilla, to consensual BDSM, morphing into rough sex to fulfill a fantasy, all the way to the psychological and emotional angst each man carried as baggage. 

At first I asked: why all the sex? As I kept reading and discovering, I realized why. Unfortunately I cannot reveal anything as it is best left for you readers to discover the whys of it. And believe me, the discovery was not only sensual, it was heartbreaking and real and raw. Very, very raw. 

I am just astounded by this work. I cannot recommend this more, especially for those who want to read quality work. I find myself still shaking my head over this... I am just so overwhelmed and I am usually so - meh! but I am not with this one. 

Note: This is not pure MM. There are many scenes which include MM, MMM, MF, and MMF. 

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