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eARC Review: A Werewolf's Howl (Moonlit Wolves #5) by Bronwyn Heeley

A Werewolf's Howl (Moonlit Wolves #5) 
by Bronwyn Heeley
ISBN #:978-1-77111-838-5 
Series: Moonlit Wolves # 5

Published May 15, 2014 by Extasy Books
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My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Déjá vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time so he can keep the only man he ever loved?
Standing at another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back, he’d seen this before, a year ago, when everything turned to shit.
Brad is in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mate’s murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agrees a little two easily.An excuse to run into the one man he’d been pinning over for two long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head, Brad isn’t sure, but as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.
Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friend’s life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnecting they both so desperately need?
Author Note: Recommended to read this series in order.

This is such a different read from the first  four installments of the series. The first books read like manga, but this one? This one still has the feel of manga but the writing style has become more formal. This makes it an easier read for those who are not used to the manga style but then again, they still need to read the first four to get a foothold on what is going on here. A Werewolf's Howl opens where Taking Control of My Werewolf or Book 4 closes and it continues the tale of the alpha and the were pack. 

Although the focus of this story is the relationship between Kyle and Brad, of how miscommunication and misunderstanding, set in the midst of one of the worst events in both and all of their lives, affects a mating that could have been completed years before, this also tells of how Eamon's position as alpha of the pack has such a tremendous impact on the were pack and their enemies. This book shows us how completely the pack members not only obey him, but respect and love him. The alpha presence also opens another door for which the pack gets targeted by the not so friendly hunters. And the rogue werewolf on the loose.

For Brad and Kyle, their series of misunderstandings could not really be pointed as faults as time flew past them and the lack of knowledge and information regarding mating and such was also a factor that neither man knew about. Theirs was was an understandable situation. What I found really nice about their story was how they used their new found knowledge to not only benefit themselves but the rest of the pack.

This series is getting together nicely and even if the plot thickens a bit to the point of asking myself where this is all going to end, I love the fact that the pack itself is getting more solid and stronger together. The element of Eamon as alpha is making a change over these young weres and making them more confident with their new knowledge. Just as this is making changes to the story itself, the writing style of author Bronwyn Heeley is also getting more confident. This particular installment clearly shows off her ability to weave a complicated knotty tale and make it read simple and light.  Now, just like the rest of the series, this manga style of storytelling opens, closes then again opens other doors which are all interconnected to each other. My curiosity meter has just raised another notch and now am very anxious for what is next to come.

I cannot wait for the sixth book....and the seventh... and the rest that will finally answer all the questions. For now, I have to sit and wait it out, impatiently, once more for the continuing saga of the Moonlit Wolves.

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